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Adam is the protagonist and main character of Waxworks (1992).


In the medieval times, a gypsie witch named Ixona stole a chicken from the protagonist's ancestor, who publicly cut off her hand as punishment. In retaliation, Ixona placed a curse on the ancestor: whenever twin boys were born into his family line, one would grow up to be good while the other would become pure evil and serve Beelzebub.

In the present day, the protagonist learns that his twin brother, Alex, is going to suffer the curse. Their uncle, Boris, has recently died and left them with his eponymous waxworks in his will, as well a crystal ball, through which his spirit communicates with his nephew. Boris informs his nephew on what to do in order to save Alex.

He must rid the family of Ixona's curse by using the waxworks to travel to four locations in different time periods: an Ancient Egyptian pyramid, a zombie-infested cemetery, Victorian-era London, and an abandoned mine. Within each location, the protagonist must defeat one of the four worst evil twins: the High Priest, a worshipper of Anubis; Jack the Ripper, a serial killer that sacrificed prostitutes to Beelzebub; Vladimir, a necromancer who raised a zombie army; and the Evil One, a cult leader who transformed himself and his followers into plant mutants.

Once all the evil twins have been defeated, Boris declares that the only way to break the curse is to prevent it from being cast in the first place, and provides his nephew with four artifacts from the evil twins: the High Priest's amulet, Vladimir's ring, Jack the Ripper's knife, and a vial of the Evil One's potion. Using the final waxwork, the protagonist travels to confront Ixona, and, following Boris' instructions, uses the artifacts to kill Ixona before she can place the curse.

As a result, the curse is erased from existence for every afflicted generation of the protagonist's family line. The protagonist returns to the present and revives Alex, who tells him about a dream in which Ixona placed a curse upon her attacker before she died, transforming him into a demon. The brothers then leave the museum.


  • The game was inspired by the 1988 film Waxwork.
  • The game is infamous for its gruesome 'game over' scenes, especially when killed by zombies.