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Adam Benford was a minor supporting character of the Resident Evil series. He was the President of the United States in 2013. Benford was Leon Kennedy's recruiter into the Division of Security Operations years prior and had a close friendship with him. Adam also had some degree of military experience.

He was voiced by Michael Donovan in English, and by Katsuhiko Sasaki in Japanese.

Resident Evil 6

In June 2013, President Benford had visited the town of Tall Oaks and was due to make an address regarding the U.S. Government's involvement with the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998. This move was viewed as potentially dangerous by some members of Congress, most of all the National Security Advisor, Derek C. Simmons. What Adam didn't know was that Simmons was the leader of a secret fraternity known as The Family, an enigmatic organisation that had been manipulating the world's geopolitical structure for centuries. Believing that the current political order of the world would fall into chaos if the truth behind Raccoon City was revealed, Simmons arranged for the assassination of the President and staged it as a bioterror attack by the ruthless terrorist organisation Neo Umbrella.

On the day of the President's address, Simmons had arranged for the reduction of security personnel at Ivy University where the address was to take place. Bio-Organic Weapons known as Lepotitsa were deployed in key locations around Tall Oaks which released a gaseous form of the C-Virus in these areas. The gas transformed many citizens into zombies which then went on to kill or infect others. President Benford was also infected and turned into a zombie, attacking Leon Kennedy in his mutated state. Leon had no choice but to put the President down by shooting him in the head.


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