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Adam Charles Davenport is one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Bree Davenport and Chase Davenport) of the series Lab Rats. He is the oldest out of the trio and possesses superhuman strength, making him the strongest out of the trio and everyone else in the world. Though he sometimes insults his siblings, Adam will do anything to protect them and despite being not the brightest, always comes through at the end while also trying to maintain a normal life in high school and go on missions. Their secret was hidden, until the third season, where their abilities were filmed, making them known to the world.

He was portrayed by Spencer Boldman.


He is a very dimwitted guy who almost never thinks anything through. He has very low intelligence, which is different from his strength as he is brawn rather than brains, which is also the opposite if compared to his younger brother, Chase. He takes a lot of things that people tell him in a literal context and does not get the metaphor or allusion behind what people tell him, and sometimes he understands things immediately, but at the wrong time. His stupidity annoys a lot of people including LeoBree, and Chase. He also is easily angered, which often triggers glitches. However, he is a very caring, lovable, fun-loving, goofy and comical guy.

He is very friendly, kind, and is shown to care for others. In addition, despite him not being very intelligent, he is shown at times to be brighter than others give him credit for, such as in the episode Leo vs Evil, in which he resolved the problem caused by the teleporter with a solution no one else had thought of. Because of this, Adam thinks very simple which is sometimes the key of solving the conflicts the team faces. In Smart and Smarter, he helped Chase win the election for student of the semester, but Chase didn't recognize his efforts, which then lead him to run against him. He thinks like a little kid, but knows what people want. He also has a somewhat impish sense of humor, and despite his lack of intelligence can be quite snarky at times. He can never understand sarcasm, as in Leo's Jam, when their plan to get Danielle as Leo's date backfires, Leo says, "Great plan, Chase," and Adam answers, "What are you talking about? That didn't go at all like we hoped." He also has a big appetite, which he calls as his Incredible Edibles. Even though he's not very bright, he knows how to be fair, such as in Death Spiral Smackdown, where Leo teamed up with him so he can use his bionics to win, however, he told Leo that it is not fair and that it is wrong to use bionics in a competition.

Throughout the series, Adam has shown a love for many different types of farm animals. He would like a pet pig, and he also brought in a horse, then later a llama. He also claims that will always brake for cows.

Although normally harmless, Adam does possess a destructive temper, and if pushed to his limits, he can be quite dangerous. He has an interesting relationship with his siblings, as he commonly demonstrates a casual disrespect for his younger brother, Chase, and has no problems throwing him through the air or reminding him how casually he can overpower him. However, he genuinely cares for him, and dives into action if Chase is ever hurt or threatened. As Leo's step-brother, he is very kind to him and plays with him a lot. Just like his biological siblings, he cares about Leo and will stand up for him as often as possible. He also normally annoys Bree, but seems to have a better relationship with her; he quit the cheerleading squad when he caught the other cheerleaders making fun of her. If he sees Bree or Chase being bullied by the other kids at school, Adam will stand up for them. As such, in the episode, Taken, when Krane shoots a fireball at Bree, Adam gets really angry and pushes him under the lab and starts to punch and beat Krane up with his super strength. He also does his best to protect them; for example, in Parallel Universe, upon being told Donald's new device could gravely injure them, Adam quickly pushed both Bree and Chase behind him.


Season 1

Adam isn't the brightest of them all, but he does have his moments when he is shown to have good ideas.

Season 2

Adam still teases Chase and Leo about their height. Adam takes more care about of his family, and becomes more responsible. He also gets smarter, to where Chase called him a genius. He got his first hidden ability in Bionic Showdown. In season 2 Parallel Universe, Adam is a part of the Henderson family. Instead of being bionic and strong he is a nerd, the opposite of him in the right universe.

Season 3

In Season 3, Adam is very protective of his family. He got his second hidden ability in Sink or Swim and his third in Brother Battle.

Season 4

Adam, along with Chase and Bree, continue to be mentors at the Davenport Bionic Academy. They also continue to battle new, and old, enemies. They also find out that they have another brother, Daniel. At the end of season 4, Adam chooses to stay at the academy with Leo.

Bionic Abilities

  • Super Strength: Adam has super strength, showing he is stronger than the average human. He even managed to lift a heavy weight lift and threw it enough to knock out The Crusher, the strongest man in the Universe. According to Leo, it is all Adam has (Leo's Jam). Bionic People are shown to be stronger than humans, but Adam is stronger. He could smash a runaway meteor, crush a ball with his strong hands and stop a bullet train. For unknown reasons, he is not discomforted by the heavy weight and can easily balance objects a normal person would not lift with just one hand. It is shown in Taken that Adam can do a Force Jump when fighting Krane and to jump at Troy West from behind (Bionic Action Hero). However, Adam is not strong enough to punch through ultra-strength titanium and carbonex.
  • Heat Vision: Adam's eyes turn red when he produces heat rays that shoot from his eyes, and can control the Heat Vision's intensity. He can ease its intensity, usually uses his heat vision to cook his food and welding metal. They can range between lasers or fire beams. He can also utilize a Flame Vision, using it intentionally, as he used against Victor Krane twice (Taken, You Posted What). However, it activates unwillingly when he glitches (Crush, Chop and Burn).
  • Super Durability: Because of his genetic engineering, Adam is more durable than the average person and sustain injuries that could normally gravely injure a person and lasers that would normally kill a person will just stun him. However, he is not invincible, as he can still get injured as Adam dislocated his shoulder and in an alternate reality, he died from a collapsing ceiling.
    • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: Adam can also have a resistance to extreme high temperatures thanks to genetic engineering.
  • Plasma Grenades: Adam shoots balls of electricity from his hands known as Plasma Grenades. However, the plasma grenades are probably a glitch, as they were only seen when Adam's powers went haywire.
  • Blast Wave: An ability Adam had unlocked during "Bionic Showdown" when he saw Marcus about to kill Leo. His voice went deeper and Adam utilized a blast wave and sent it after Marcus, which nearly killed him. He later used it in "No Going Back" against Perry's X-Ray machine, but she mistook it for an earth quake. He used it against Bree when he released one at his sister before realizing that they did not need to use it. It did, however, cause Bree to fall down.
  • Mental Link: Adam can receive information from Chase mentally, in a method like sending an email. He describes the process as tingling. (Sink or Swim)
    • Bionic Fusion Attack: According to Douglas, through Chase's Override App, Adam and Bree can combine their bionics with Chae and create a large fusion attack. They stand in a perfect triangle formation by linking their arms and create an energy charged up and once it is charged, it gets blasted from Chase's side. They used this bionic fusion attack against Victor Krane, thinking they had vanquished him, but they were only able to severely injure him. The process causes Adam and his siblings too much stress, they only use it as a last resort.
  • Underwater Breathing/Strong Lungs: In Sink or Swim, it is revealed Adam has strong lungs and can breathe under water
    • Pressurized Lung Capacity: Douglas gave Adam the ability to have strong lungs to outmatch his brother, Chase It is shown that when Adam combines this ability, it will be strong enough to Freeze something. . He and Daniel used the ability together when Daniel touched his arm and were able to stop the water tank from exploding that was keeping the hydroloop operational.

Non-Bionic Abilities

  • Martial Arts/Hand to Hand Combat: Being trained by Donald Davenport, Adam is strong in the art of hand to hand combat with the rest of his family. However, his fighting skills were no match for Krane, who easily outmaneuvered Adam and his other siblings.
  • Quick Thinking: Though rarely seen, Adam has shown to, on occasion, have good ideas and be a fast thinker, especially during missions, such as in Mission: Space, when he said that he would use his heat vision to close the hole as an alternative. Adam was also the one to come up with a simple solution when he and his siblings accidentally sent their step-mother through Davenport's new teleportation device. He did this by formulating the plan to just call her and tell her to take the bus (Leo vs. Evil). He also came up with a story about his siblings' "missions" to Principal Perry, which got Leo in trouble. He also came up with using his Blast Wave Ability against Perry's X-ray machine (No Going Back). He also came up with a story on how he, Bree and Chase were tourists when they were caught by the captain of the ship they stowed away on right on the spot (Sink or Swim). Finally, he quickly formulated the idea to pretend to be infected with Douglas' virus: throwing on Bree's makeup and using his heat vision to make his eyes look red and skin to mimic Bree and Chase's conditions.
  • Bravery: Adam is very brave in the face of adversary and is willing to give himself for others. He has stood up against Tank, Victor Krane and Marcus Davenport.
  • Interrogation Resistance Training:  It is mentioned in You Posted What?!? that Adam and his siblings have all been trained in interrogation resistance by Donald. It proved useful when Perry interrogated him, he was able to come up with a lie, something of which his family was not sure Adam had it in him.


  • He is the world's first bionic superhuman.
  • He is 6'2".
  • Adam, along with Bree and Chase, would have died the same way Marcus did in "Bionic Showdown," had Leo not changed the future: being crushed by a collapsing ceiling. 

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