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Adam Gibson is the main hero of the 2000 science-fiction action thriller, The 6th Day. He was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Adam Gibson is a charter pilot along with his partner Hank Morgan who was hired by billionaire Michael Drucker, owner of cloning corporation Replacement Technologies, to take him on the ski trip. Because of Drucker's prominence, the two undergo the blood and eye tests to verify their aptitude. On the day of Drucker's arrival, Adam learns that his family dog Oliver has died, and his wife Natalie told him to have Oliver cloned, which Adam is opposed of cloning. Hank offered to pose as him to fly Drucker instead to allow Adam time to have the pet cloned by RePet. When Adam visited a "RePet" shop, he remains unconvinced and purchases an animatronic doll called a SimPal, named Cindy, instead. However, during that time, Drucker and Hank are shot by one of the skiers name Tripp.

When Adam returns home, he sees that Oliver was cloned and to his shock, he sees a purported clone of himself celebrating his birthday with his family and bought another SimPal doll. Then he was confronted by Replacement Technologies security agents Robert Marshall, Talia Elsworth, Vincent Bansworth and P. Wiley who intend to kill him to keep his cloning a secret. But Gibson escapes, managed to kill Talia and Wiley, but the two were eventually cloned.

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