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Get scared boys, Goldberg's coming for you
~ Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is the main protagonist from the sitcom television series The Goldbergs. When he was a child, he recorded his family's wild antics and when he became an adult he narrated about his life in the 1980s.

He is portrayed by Sean Giambrone, who later voiced Jeff Randell in Clarence, and portrayed Ron Stoppable in the live-action Kim Possible movie, and voiced by Patton Oswalt as an adult, who narrates the series.

Season 1

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Season 2

Season 3


Adam is very movie-cultured, and is has known to be a massive nerd owning many fictional memorabilia such as Transformers, Star Wars and He-Man. As he goes through puberty, Adam becomes a lot more self-conscious about his own body and being too insecure to even swim in a pool and instead "Caddyshacks" it. He is also quite naive and gullible and believes almost every word that comes out of his older siblings mouth and is normally a victim of thier constant pranks.


  • There is a running Adam F. Goldberg joke which Adam puts an F in between Adam Goldberg in his works. He does that because there is another Adam Goldberg, but this is one in eleventh grade. This is a running gag over the sitcom. We don't meet the eleventh grade Adam Goldberg, until later in Season 4.
  • Adam Goldberg's watch is a Black Casio Illuminator.
  • Adam Goldberg's computer is an Apple2.
  • Adam Goldberg is now currently married to a woman called Sarah Goldberg.
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