Get scared boys, Goldberg's coming for you
~ Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is the main character from the 2013 sitcom The Goldbergs. When he was a child he recorded his family's wild antics and when he became an adult he narrated about his life in the 80-somethings.

He is portrayed by Sean Giambrone, who later voiced Jeff Randell in Clarence, and will portray Ron Stoppable in the live-action Kim Possible movie, and voiced by Patton Oswalt as an adult, who narrates the series.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Adam is very movie-cultured, and is has known to be a massive nerd owning many fictional memorabilia such as Transformers, Star Wars and He-Man. As he goes through puberty, Adam becomes a lot more self-conscious about his own body and being too insecure to even swim in a pool and instead "Caddyshacks" it. He is also quite naive and gullible and believes almost every word that comes out of his older siblings mouth and is normally a victim of thier constant pranks.


  • There is a running Adam F. Goldberg joke which Adam puts an F in between Adam Goldberg in his works. He does that because there is another Adam Goldberg, but this is one in eleventh grade. This is a running gag over the sitcom. We don't meet the eleventh grade Adam Goldberg, until later in Season 4.
  • Adam Goldberg's watch is a Black Casio Illuminator.
  • Adam Goldberg's computer is an Apple2.
  • Adam Goldberg is now currently married to a woman called Sarah Goldberg.
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