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Adam Harrison is the main protagonist of The Son of Bigfoot also known as Bigfoot Junior.


Adam has brown hair that grows on his head overnight and light brown eyes and has freckles on his cheeks. He wears a yellow shirt with an orange moon and rocket on it, blue jeans, and gray sneakers with yellow stripes (before his big feet made holes through them and had to go barefoot). When using his Bigfoot abilities, he goes barefoot.

When going out, he wears a red vest. When sleeping, he wears blue pajamas. He wore blue and red pajamas when he was a baby.


Adam is a kid who finds out his father is still alive, which his mother had been hiding from him, and goes on a quest to find him. He does eventually, but also finds out he is none other than Bigfoot.


Adam discovers that he inherited his Bigfoot abilities from his father. He can run very fast and heal things. He also possesses superhuman hearing.