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Adam Larson is the main protagonist of the 1980 Disney comedy film, Midnight Madness. He is the leader of the Yellow Team.

Adam as he appears in the film.

About him

Adam is a friendly and kind college student who participates in an all night puzzle solving race called "The Great All-Nighter" along with four other teams, and he is the leader of the yellow team, in which all of it's members play fair. Adam's teammates are: his younger brother Scott a shy student named Flynch whom he has been counseling, his girlfriend Laura, and another friend of his named Marvin. The game is played as follows: starting at sundown, the five teams meet and are given envelopes with the first clue and then they travel around Los Angeles, while deciphering new clues in various locations, including the Griffith Observatory, a piano museum, the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery, a restaurant, a mini golf course, the Los Angeles International Airport, a video arcade, and the final destination: a room in the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. The first team to reach the hotel wins the game and is given a huge party. The winner was Adam and the Yellow team.