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Degrassi CAST Adam

Adam Torres (born Gracie Torres) (1996-2013) was a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School. He was a female-to-male transgender teen. He was the son of Audra Torres and Omar Torres. He transferred to Degrassi with his older step-brother, Drew, to escape transphobic bullying at his old school. Adam tried to keep a low profile at first, but was forcefully exposed by Bianca and outed as a trans man. Fortunately, however, he eventually found that he could be himself and still have good friends. In Cannonball, Adam gets into a car accident while driving at night texting Becky Baker, his girlfriend at the time. Although his original prognosis showed signs of hope, he ultimately passed away during surgery in Honey.

Adam was known for his wit, kindness, honesty, humor, and his fierce loyalty to his friends. He was best friends with Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards, and good friends with Dave Turner, Imogen Moreno, Katie Matlin, Mo Mashkour, Mike Dallas and Bianca DeSousa. Additional friends of his were Connor DeLaurier, Jenna Middleton, Zig Novak, Alli Bhandari, Maya Matlin, and Fiona Coyne. He had a conflict with Mark Fitzgerald. Adam was a member of the band WhisperHug. He was labelled as "Sensitive Emo Guy" in Season 13A. He was portrayed by Jordan Todosey.

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