Adam y

Adam Yates is one of the three main protagonists in 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine. He is played by John Cusack.


As boy Adam and his older sister Kelly went with their father to a restaurant called Flat Iron's for Steak Sandwiches every Friday night for family tradition. But one day, he and Kelly saw a commercial for a new restaurant called the Enchanted Forrest's Pizza and convinced their dad to take there for Friday night. However, their father died after he ate undercooked sausage. Adam blamed himself for his father's death, which made try and control everything.

Original timeline

In 1986, Adam went to Kodiak Valley for Winterfest '86 with his best friends, Nick Webber and Lou Dorchen, and first girlfriend, Jenny Steadmeyer. Adam decided to break up with Jenny, who stabbed in the eye with folk. In present day, 2010, Adam became an insurance salesman living with his video game addicted nephew Jacob, who lives in his basement. His girlfriend Lily dumped due to his controlling attitude.

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