Addison Kate Singer better known as Addie Singer or Addison Singer is a 14-year-old main character in the show Unfabulous. She ocasionally writes songs about dealing with middle school. She is the younger sister of Ben Singer. Addie is the best friends of Geena Fabiano and Zach. She also appears in a cross-over episode of Drake and Josh called Honor Council, in which she helps Megan play a prank on Josh while he sleeps. Addie is portrayed by Emma Roberts.


Geena Fabiano

Geena is a fashionista and designs her own clothes, and wears them proudly. Though she doubts anyone likes her for who she is. She tests this, finding herself right by wearing weird clothes and nobody seems to want to talk to her except for Addie and Zach, of course.

Zack Carter-Shwartz

Zach is an environmentalist who is against bug corporations. He also plays on the Rocky Road Middle School with Mario.

Randy Klein

Addie and Randy date for the majority of the second season after Addie breaks out of her "only Jake" shell.

Jake Bahari

Addie spent the majority of the first season dreaming and obsessing over Jake, even going so far as writing a song about Jake for everyday she's had a crush on him. In the episode The 66th Day it is revealed that Jake has a girlfriend. In Season Two Addie moves on from Jake and starts to date Randy Klein. When her and Randy break up, Addie realizes that she still likes Jake. In the Unfabulous movie, Addie and Jake start to date. Addie and Jake date for all of Season Three.


Addie's family consists of 4 people (including herself). Addie has an older brother Ben Singer who works at 'The Juice' where Addie and her friends hang out at lot. Addie's mom, Sue Singer is a real estate agent who often gives Addie useful advice and is married to Addie's Dad, Jeff Singer. Jeff Singer owns a sporting goods store.


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