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Addisso is one of the playable heroes from Hero of Robots. He is the younger brother of Jassky. He is the pilot of Fire God.


Addisso is a hotheaded guy, who likes destroying enemies in his way to victory. He sometimes wrathful and vengeful, even if the robot-pilot heroes were killed likes child warriors, etc. Addisso can be encouraged to protect his friends and family against evil forces of the Legion of Doom.


A junior high freshman with the blood of a violent race known as the salamanders. It is said that such people can control fire and speak with the fire god to borrow his powers in battle.


  • Mecha: Fire God
  • Faction: Aiya National Union

Game Appearances

  • Hero of Robots Version 4 (playable debut)
  • Hero of Robots Version 5
  • Hero of Robots Version 6
  • Hero of Robots New Generation Version 1
  • Hero of Robots New Generation Version 2
  • Hero of Robots New Generation Version 3
  • Hero of Robots New Generation Version 4



  • Addisso is one strongest pilots in Hero of Robot.
  • His Mecha is based on Vulcan.