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Adelaide Chang is one of the new characters within The Loud House franchise. She is the minor character in The Loud House and the recurring character in the franchise's spin-off series, The Casagrandes. She is the annoying little sister of Sid Chang and the friend of Carlino Casagrande.

She is voiced by Lexi Sexton.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Croaked!", Adelaide worked to bring Froggy back from the dead. She failed, obviously but at least she tried.
  • In "Karma Chameleon", Adelaide wisely entrusted Ronnie Anne Santiago with taking care of the family pets, while she and her family were away for the day and was eternally grateful to her for her helpfulness.
  • In "Uptown Funk", Adelaide saved the GLART train by using the tongue of Froggy 2 to stretch herself into the front and piloting the train into stopping and saving everybody's lives. This made her win a Junior GLART award and this was apparently her second time having done this. She later becomes a superhero alongside, Carlino. As a superhero, she stopped a chuggy chuggy choo choo train from crashing into a doll.



  • Like how her father is a two-time employee of the month, Adelaide is a two-time winner of the Junior GLART awards.
  • Her personality is a bit different than D.W. Read from Arthur.
  • She can whistle, as seen in the season 2 half hour special episode Zoo-Mergency! where she and the marmosets are whistling a brave, fearless and heroic tune to themselves right before being blocked by a sign post of a sign that's been put up by Paul the Security Guard.


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