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Adelina Fortnight

Adelina Fortnight is the tritagonist and heroine of the 2019 Laika film Missing Link.

She is voiced by Zoe Saldana, who also played Neytiri, Nyota Uhura, Gamora and voiced Captain Celaeno and Maria Posada.


Missing Link

After her husband passes away, Adelina Fortnight shuts herself away from the world around her in her mansion.

She is introduced when the arrogant Sir Lionel Frost comes to her house because he needs a map given to her by her late husband. Fortnight refuses, telling him off for not attending his funeral and booting him out of her mansion. She has the map safely locked away, and Frost doesn't take it well. He and Mr. Link decide to break into her mansion and steal the map.

The next day, a furious Adelina confronts the two of them at the train station. The evil poacher Willard Stenk, hired by Frost's rival Lord Piggot-Dunceby to kill him, gives chase.

Our heroes head out to sea on a ship, where Fortnight convinces Frost to reach out to Mr. Link to prove his sincerity. The two of them form a strong bond, but Stenk ambushes them and holds Fortnight at gunpoint. Link comes to the rescue, mistakenly knocking her overboard, but runs down and saves her. Link, Frost, and Fortnight succeed in trapping Stenk on the boat before continuing on their journey.

They finally arrive in the Himalayas, where they seek the help of Gamu, a mountain wise woman who guides them to the kingdom of the Yetis. When they get there, the Yeti Chief lets them come but makes it clear that they aren't wanted. She orders the trio imprisoned, and Fortnight talks sense into Frost. Mr. Link, now dubbed "Susan," hoists up Fortnight, who knocks out some yeti guards to make a ladder.

After our heroes escape, they are confronted by Piggot-Dunceby on the icy bridge. Frost changes his ways and defends Susan. Furious, Piggot-Dunceby smashes the bridge, causing him and his henchman to fall to their deaths. As the trio escapes, Stenk launches another attack, but they eventually defeat him, resulting in the villain getting impaled on an icicle and plunging to his doom. As soon as they get to the other side, Susan gives the Yeti Chief a piece of his mind.

In the end, Adelina decrees that she's ready to go off on a new adventure and shares one last moment with Frost before departing.



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