Adell is the hero in the video game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Courageous and determined, Adell dislikes demons and lies. His 'style' prevents him from backing down from a challenge or resorting to dirty tactics to win. This type of personality could have stem by him growing up thinking he was a human and is very much unlike any other demon protagonist in any of NIS games (other than Valvatorez). His love for challenging fights is taken to the extreme at times, earning him the name Battle Maniac from Rozalin. Adell is also shown to be surprisingly intelligent when faced with a Geo Puzzle in The Coliseum. He is kind to those he cares about, particularly his family, and will never ever break a promise, as it's once again 'not his style'.

Also, according to DLC, Adell seems to be a hardcore fan of Pleinair.


Adell is a demon living in the world of Veldime. Adell is thought to be the only human remaining in this world, as everyone else was turned into demons by Overlord Xenon's curse. Adell decides to break this curse and turn everyone back to normal.


  • Adell is the youngest main character in the Disgaea Series as Laharl and Mao are over 1000 years old and Valvatorez is at least 400 years old.
  • In addition, Adell is the first main character who specializes in Fists, the second being Killia from Disgaea 5. The other main characters (Laharl, Mao and Valvatorez) specialize in Swords.
  • Adell was the most voted DLC for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.
  • In Disgaea 3, Adell is the only DLC character whose bust appears during their recruitment cutscene. He is also the only DLC character to be shown in his/her hometown before coming to Evil Academy.
  • In Absence of Detention, even though all other busts are animated, Adell is not.
  • If talked to during homeroom in Disgaea 3, he will reveal that his tie is around 2 meters long.
  • Despite being on three maps in Disgaea 5, he is the only Disgaea 2 character that isn't an enemy and is instead a neutral unit with a yellow health bar, actively discussing the fights with Killia and enjoying his time fighting alongside him.
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