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Adi Marvel.Future.Avengers


A protagnist from Marvel's Future Avengers, a former Soldier of Hydra and when he join the Avengers, he was unsure about being a hero because of he did as an agent of HYDRA.  He was stunned to find out that Tony was an infamous weapons trader before becoming Iron Man.

He attempted to hack his computer system for information regarding Tony, but Tony caught him, Adi asked how like someone with a past of hurt be a hero but even Tony didn't know why. He attempted to help Iron Man in his fight but Tony stops him and tells him to stay out this fight. He hears how Tony would not let the actions he did in the past defined him as him and Ezekiel clenches each other's. Tony quotes that learning from their mistakes it's what defines them which leaves an impression on Adi. Later in the series he is codenamed Codec.


dark brown hair, light brown skin, a white long sleeve shirt, 


Unsure about being a hero, he regreted the actions he did as an agent of HYRDA.

Powers and Abilities 

Technical Act the ability to hacking anything that has tech involved including much to Tony's chargin the Hulkbuster.

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