Ado is a character appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 3 who meets Kirby while the latter is on his quest to save Dream Land

Personality and Bio

Ado is an artist who can bring her creations to life, like her daughter Adeleine from Kirby 64 is.  Ado's personality is not as much known, however, but she is creative like her daughter is.  When possessed by Dark Matter, however, she turns cruel and sadistic, but is still artistic.

Role in Kirby's Dream Land 3

Adeleine is the boss of Cloudy Park.  Using her giant canvas, she paints various bosses from Kirby's Dream Land 2 as guardians to protect her.  Upon their defeat, she enters the ring to fight Kirby herself.

Interstingly, Ado can be knocked out in a single hit.  A slide attack is enough to knock her health down to 0.


Ado's Ending Artwork.


Ado was mistaken to be a male moments after her debut until a press conference revealed that she WAS female.  Before this, she was stated to be a Bishonen (Male person with feminine physical traits, regardless their personality.).  This ambiguity was because she was not revealed to be either sex prior to the press conference.

Names In Other Languages

Language Name Etymology and Meaning
Japanese Adō Unknown
Latin Adō, Adōnis From her Japanese name.
Spanish Adona From her Latin name's Genitive.
Portuguese Adona From her Latin name's Genitive.
French Adone From her Latin name's Genitive.


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