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No matter what you do, so long as Adol Christin is in this land and so long as there are people who believe in him, it's unlikely that darkness shall prevail.
~ Sarah Tovah to Dalles before he petrifies her.

Adol Christin is the main protagonist of the OVA based on the first two Ys games.


Similarly to his video game counterpart, Adol Christin is a young man with red hair. In his initial attire, he wears a light yellow shirt under a dark cyan tunic, light cyan pants, and brown boots.


As a child, Adol read about a hero who fought against a dragon, a species stated, alongside witches and other monsters, by his father to be far away bringing suffering to people and might need his help.

In the outskirts of Promalock, Adol, coming from the east, heads to the port town where he sees a ship and visits an inn for the time being in preparation for a trip to Esteria.

The inn-keeper asks him to see Norton about this, but Adol was suggested he reconsider going there as evil monsters have taken over that region. Adol visits Norton about going to Esteria, reportedly having become a cursed land, where the latter insists there is no boat to get there and may want to change his mind.

Esteria was a land of wealth that had good production of silver and other minerals when it was neighboring Promalock with ships travelling back and forth until six months ago when ships stopped coming from Esteria with ships leaving for Esteria being caught in a storm vortex with no chance of return, leading the ceasation of future travels.

After men failed to find out what happened, Adol insists that he heads there as he might regret it. Norton then explains that he might help him out if he works hard. After several days of work, Norton explains that the tower Adol was seeing across the sea was Darm Tower, which had stood tall in Esteria since time immemorial and was said to reach the heavens.

After Adol earns a boat, Norton fires him and explains that he will now head to Esteria on it. Adol sails to Esteria when he gets caught up in the stormwall and washes ashore where demonic wolves attempted to maul him only to be shot dead by arrows from Dogi and Goban Tovah.

Realising that Adol is the brave soul who can save Esteria, Dogi and Goban take him to Minea to recover. In his subconcciousness, Adol is greeted by a girl with blue hair.

When he wakes up, he is greeted by Dr. Claus in the clinic in Esteria who had realised that Adol is from outside Esteria, having travelled from Promarock. After introductions, Adol learns of the carnage that Esteria was being attacked by monsters and the wounded were being tended to with no knowledge on the cause. The people of Esteria are likely to be wiped out at this point.

After Adol was released, he greeted Slaff at the walls of the town where he and other archers have been picking off the attacking monsters to protect the town. Adol then opts to figure out what was causing the monster attacks that plagued Esteria. Slaff then tells Adol to see Sarah Tovah, the fortune teller who foretold his arrival.

When he heads to her shop, he is greeted by her upon entry as she waited on him the entire time the monsters have warring against the people of Esteria. In her family, she knew of the legend where a brave soul will appear to fight the evils that threaten the people of Ys upon awakening and Adol is the brave soul who will save the land.

When the shocked Adol asked about Ys, Sarah tells him that it is the real name of Esteria. Ys was once a utopia advanced in culture ruled by twin goddesses and six priests in happiness and prosperity until demons attacked the defenseless land.

And now, the demons have returned to war against the land again with no known solution. Just then, the monsters arrived to attack the town again. When Adol returns to the post Slaff is stationed at, he spots a man among the monsters. Despite being told he is just a guest, Adol disobeys Slaff and rushes off with a sword to help the melee faction, having promised Sarah, who also told him that her aunt knew more of Ys's legend and gave him a crystal that can guide him, that he can do what he can.

After the invading monsters were stopped, Adol gains a suit of armor and some medicinal herbs before setting off to Zeptic Village by Darm Tower. After camping out by a tree, he rushes across the land where he passes a destroyed village and fights off hordes of monsters attacking him. He then comes across another destroyed village he thought was Zeptik when Luta Gemma, who travelled to destroyed towns for information, explains it was actually Rastin that was destroyed.

Gemma then guides Adol east to where Zeptik actually is. He also explains that the silver in the ruined mining town, once wealthy and decorated in silver, was gone for mysterious reasons. Adol suspects that someone had looted the town. Gemma believes it was the monsters and the town was the first to be attacked by the when they appeared.

Gemma explains that there also has to have been a connection between the monsters and the silver. After arriving in Zeptic with Luta who invites him over before he sees Jevah in the morning. At night, Adol comes over to Luta who was playing a song with ominous lyrics that seem to contain a prophecy of bad times to come such as the demons destroying the land and the goddesses vanishing, leaving no hope for flowers or smiles to return.

In the morning, a messenger arrives from Minea where it is discovered that Sarah was attacked by monsters, but Luta insists that Jevah does not know this as she could get anxious. Adol then meets her at the well where he learns that she encountered imposters under his indentity.

Adol explains he only arrived to solve the mysteries of Esteria, not out of interest of the legends. Admiring his spunk, Zevah reveals that six priests each wrote a book about Ys when they foretold the revival of the monsters and the hero who will put them to a stop. The books were passed down to their descendants for the hero to collect in order to open the gate to Ys and gain a great power.

She tells Adol to find these books, some of which were stolen by the monsters in an attempt to endure the great power that will defeat them. One of the books is said to lie in the portion of Solomon Shrine on Mount Precious where it is guarded by a gigantic beast. Adol proceeds to scale the mountain to reach the shrine when starts fending off skeletal goons on the way.

As he scaled the mountain, he spots the Darm Tower when more of the skeleton warriors appear. He also spots the crater closeby before running into the Shrine where a barrier blocks the monsters. Adol visits shrine where he passes six goddess statues into a maze where his crystal activates a statue and he is warped to another part of the shrine where he finds a giant petrified centipede and the girl from his dream, Feena, chained to a wall.

After Adol recognizes her from his dream, he tries to free her when the centipede wakes up and attacks him. After a fierce struggle, the centipede crashes through the wall and falls down the mountain. Feena is also freed, running over to Adol's side and checks on him. Relieved to see him okay, Feena hugs him tightly. Just then, the wall collapses and they walk over to the book it was guarding. Afterwards Adol carries Feena in his arms and slides down the side of the mountain.

They then bring Jevah Tovah the book before Adol dives in the lake and catches a fish that was beneath a rock while Feena manages to catch it when it slips from his hands. Later that day, Adol sits on a tree branch with Feena where they remark on the beauty of the lake, with it being hard to believe monsters were swarming the country.

However, Feena has apparent trouble remembering anything but her name when she was caught in a cave by the monsters and chained to the wall prior to Adol saving her.

When Adol looks up, he finds that a storm is raining down on Minea, having been taught by fishermen in the port on how to read them and one fisherman taught him to smell weather by smelling the breeze and how to catch fish.

When Adol remarks how big the world is with many different places and people whom he wanted to see, Feena tells him that she is not liking how it is looking. Later, Adol and Feena return to Jevah to learn more about the book's contents written in the ancient text of Ys. The book, Volume Hadal, states that there was a metal called Cleria created and Ys flourished with Solomon Shrine reflecting this prosperity.

Adol then realizes that the silver was Cleria. Later that night, Jevah explains to Adol and Feena that everyone has their destiny and fates. Her and Sarah's fate is to guide Adol. Before Adol leaves, he asks her to watch after Feena while he heads to Minea.

Adol rides a horse to try and check on Sarah at Minea only to find that she was petrified. As he mourns her petrification, Goban checks up on him and disciplines Adol when he laments this event as Sarah did not ask her to be her protector, she believed in him bringing peace back to Esteria by solving its mystery. He tells him not to lose himself before he faces his enemy and see what needs to be done.

Goban then presents one of the books, Volume Tovah, to Adol as Sarah knew something might happen to her. Just then, Jenocres arrives to kill Adol and claim the book. After Adol and Goban fail to penetrate his barrier, Jenocres teleports and holds Adol by the neck when his crystal flashes and renders his powers useless, giving Adol the chance to finish him off.

After Goban leaves, Slaff meets up with Adol where he finds him okay. Adol then vows to the petrified Sarah that he will do what he can. Just then, he was greeted by Reah who learns from the Crystal Ball that he needs to head to the Rastin Mines.

He was travelling in the mine with Dogi who saved him on the beach earlier as per Goban's orders. Just then a blob monster attacks them with Dogi having to burn it to death. After descending a rope, Adol stumble upon a cave where mass quantities of the silver used to be mined.

Still wondering about the connection between the silver and monsters when Dogi drops a bag on him, much to Adol's annoyance. Just then they find themselves running from skeletal demons. After their retreat, Adol learns the bag contained their food. They then continued to search in the mines for the book as instructed by the ball. It was also where Reah lost her silver harmonica she asked Adol to recover it for her, something Dogi remarked on.

Adol, however was curious about the silver harmonica, but Dogi did not think Adol needed an excuse. Just then, Dogi examines the wheel tracks to find the right path where they find an exit behind a mound of rocks. This leads them to a crater.

Venturing deeper, the structure starts to look different as it was made by monsters and find themselves at a wall with the crest of Ys when soldiers surround them. As they manage to best the soldiers, water bursts from the ceiling and catches the soldiers in it, forcing Adol and Dogi to run for their lives only to get engulfed in the flood.

Emmerging from the waters, Adol and Dogi swim towards the ground in order to continue their search for the book. When they reach and open the door with the crest of Ys, they find an underground shrine with the book, Volume Hadal, they have been searching for when the bat monster Vagguillon confronts Adol and attacks him and Dogi viciously.

As Vagguillon was about to finish off Adol, the two books he had flash, leading to the monster being blinded and flying like crazy around the shrine and damaging the structure, finally dissappearing when it gets cut in half by Adol.

Adol then procures the book and Reah's missing silver harmonica. After Adol returns it to Reah, her song results in Feena remembering the past when a fiend attacked the towns after appearing suddenly with molten lava burning the earth, leading to those going crazy and trying to escape the chaos.

Adol, having known that Darm Tower has been built by the monsters, tells Goban that he believes the key to the mystery of evil is there. but the thief tells him not to jump the gun. Adol still insists he will go to the tower.

When Goban asks him about the last half of the books, Adol believes they are in the tower. But Goban insists that courage and recklessness are not one and the same. While sleeping, a voice coming from Roda, a loyal servant of the goddesses, calls to Adol asking him to come.

Roda, a talking giant tree from when Esteria was once Ys, reveals that it passes on the memories of the goddesses which is why he must come. In the morning, Adol tells Goban about Roda summoning him. Just then, Dogi reports that Luta, descendant of the priests, vanished yesterday and someone is after Volume Gemma.

Just then, Dark Fact, a wicked sorceror, greets Goban via astral projection to reveal that he has Luta with him and has enjoyed watching Adol's prowess and invites Adol to a deserted temple, the location of Volume Messa, within a forest to test his worth alone as a brave soul with the promise of him keeping the book if he survives. After Adol accepts, Dark Fact reveals that he has Volume Fact on his person and Adol cannot make his wish to solve the mystery come true.

When Adol asks about Luta, Dark Fact terminates the projection. Adol rides on horses alongside Dogi and Goban down a into a valley in search of the book where they end up in a fog and try to cut through a forest of vines when it opens up.

It is here that Adol meets Roda who had been waiting to awaken from his long slumber to carry out a promise he made to the goddesses. Roda then invites Adol to see the history of Ys by forming a bridge of vines.

As Adol entered Roda, the tree proceeds to tell him about the history of Ys and uses illusionary magic to show him. It was goverened by two goddesses and six priests who were virtuous. The twin goddesses gave a black pearl that birthed magic as a gift to celebrate the birth of Ys. The Pearl was used to create a magical silver known as Cleria to lead the country to prosperity.

However, the goddesses did not forsee that this lead to the birth of chaos, darkness, and a great evil. Monsters emerged from darkness, gushed out lava burned the plains, leading to Ys being ruined by a great calamity, akin to Luta Gemma's song. This forced the priests to bury away the cleria, yet the evil was born two late to stop it.

The decision to separate the Black Pearl the calamity originated in from the Cleria was made by rising a mountain containing the Black Pearl high into the sky while the goddeses vanished, ending the evil's pursuit. The last group of the monsters pursued the risen portion of Ys by building the Darm Tower before they vanished as well, leading to peace for the next several centuries.

However in the next 700 years, Cleria was mistakenly mined as silver which lead to the rebirth of evil with no memory of the mistakes from ancient times. After telling this history as commanded by the goddesses, Roda turns Adol's armor into cleria so Adol can fight the evil. Roda then commands Adol to destroy the evils threatening Ys in order to restore the peace they destroyed.

Goban and Dogi watch as Adol emerges with his gear newly transformed into Cleria. Adol rides on horseback as Dark Fact told him to go alone, knowing it was a trap.

Once reaching the temple, Adol finds himself having to deal with Pictimos, a gigantic mantis demon that proved itself tougher than him. When Adol escapes into an enclosure too small for Pictimos to follow him into, Adol climbs his way out when the giant mantis starts tearing down the temple.

When a door into the temple opens, Adol heads in with Pictimos shut outside seconds before the floor collapses under his feet. At the bottom, he finds himself inside a passage and travels down the left passage where he finds a door with the Ys emblem. When he finds the book, Pictimos carches up to him.

Unwilling to lose, Adol proceeds to run up the monster's body and slay him with the Cleria sword. With the book in hand, Adol returns to Goban and Dogi with it. It's where he learns that the last two books are indeed in the tower. Adol also is somehow now able to read the letters on the book which surprises Dogi. Goban reveals that Roda blessed him with the abillity to do this.

Adol reads the book to find that the people of Ys were forced to retreat into Solomon Shrine with the great evil and his army moving in on them prior to the evil being sealed away. After reading up, Adol tells Dogi and Goban they should head to the Darm Tower.

As the time approaches, Dogi presents Adol with a set of maps needed for the infiltration of the 25-story Darm Tower. Goban explains that Dark Fact is pretty much at the top floor, but Luta needs saving first.

Adol, Goban, and Dogi travel through the woods to reach the tower. With no monsters in sight, Goban tells them they must get going. When they reach the door, Dogi takes out a key to unlock it and smashes it open so they can enter.

When they enter, they notice that there were no monsters and travel down a hall where they get ambushed by a trio of monsters they dispatch with ease and they proceed to take on more monsters in search of Luta. After going up a floor, they find themselves in a room of mirrors where Adol gets sucked into a mirror after touching it agaisnt Goban's wishes. Dogi seeks out Adol while Goban heads up. Adol gets warped by the mirror to a prison cell where he is found by the missing Luta.

Luta wakes Adol up and has a chat with him about the history of Ys where the family names of the six priests were Hadal, Tovah, Dabbie, Messa, Gemma, and Fact. Luta was descended from Gemma; and Jevah, Sarah, and Goban were descended from Tovah. Luta explains that the priests, fearing the return of evil, left their descendants and people the Books of Ys. When Ys is in danger again, a brave soul will be sommoned and they were destinied to help him.

However, Dark Fact chose the path of darkness and plotted to use all the Cleria he gathered to create a kingdom of evil and is forming an army for to on Minea. After this talk, Luta gives him his book, Volume Gemma and only Volume Fact was left. When Adol asks what will happen when all the books are gathered, Luta honestly did not know as he only knew the brave soul, Adol himself, will restore peace.

After Dogi smashes down the wall of their cell on accident, Adol and Luta make their escape. The trio scale a flight of stairs in search of Fact. As Adol and company scale the tower, they come across a mysterious structure in a corridor before passing it.

Adol is having misgivings about the corridor and asks them to wait as he explores it and starts feeling pain thanks to a sound. Dogi also feels pain after a failed attempt to save Adol. Luta then tells Dogi to throw him his sword so he can put a stop to it by stabbing the source. This enables them to continue into the tower.

Just then, Adol, Dogi, and Luta catch up with Goban at a trio of statues, however Goban found out that this is potentially another trap they may not come back from. Luta provides a solution by holding out an ancestral Blue Amulet that can disable traps of evil. After the trap is disabled, they open a door to find no way up. However, there is a hidden door somewhere but they first had to deal with a massive monster, Khonsclard, that attacks with rocks.

With the advice of Luta and Goban, Adol turns his hopes into strength with the cleria and Dogi throws him to help him slay the beast, turning it to dust and revealing the hidden door. Just then, Dogi, Goban, and Luta flash white and vanish in front of Adol. As he calls out for them, Feena calls Adol to open the door in order for him to save her sister Reah.

Adol rushes as Feena guides him to where her sister is held. When he entered a room of crystal-like mirrors, Feena tells him that one of them will take him to the Tower of Rado Reah is being held in, but she does not know which of the mirrors will take him and must choose.

Just as Adol was about to touch one of them, Dalles intervenes and fires projectiles at him, mocking him after smashing him into a wall. He begins to use his magic to spin Adol around the room like a hammer before slamming him into another wall, calling Adol a puppet of his own desires and will die a death worthy of one.

As Dalles is preparing another attack, Feena screams for Adol to run as Dalles strikes him again, now calling him a rag doll. Adol refuses to run from Dalles even though he claimed Adol cannot kill him with a sword.

Just then light protects Adol from Dalles's next attack and stabs the sorceror, seemingly killing him. Feena is surprised Adol managed to defeat the wizard as he warps to the Tower of Rado and grabs a rope to swing to it when he ends up falling.

This lands him in the cell Reah was being held in. Reah embraces her saviour as he arrived as she believed. She calls the Darm Tower a horrible place familiar to her. Reah also explains to Adol she has something else to do while Adol fulfills his destiny.

At the top of the tower, Dark Fact warps in front of Adol and commends him for how far he climbed, but will meet the end of his adventure here. After Dark draws his sword, Adol asks why he was evil. Fact does not care about being descended from the priests and views the legend of Ys as too silly and wasted on humans.

After Dark draws his sword, Adol asks why he was evil. Fact does not care about being descended from the priests and views the legend of Ys as too silly and wasted on humans. As their fight continues, Dark fact calls mankind incapable of creating a utopia and views them as thieves and murderers driven by their desires.

Dark also asks Adol for the reason the legend was protected for mankind. Adol acknowledges that while humans may be foolish, but no matter how dark the situation is, there will always be a tomorrow as not all desires are bad.

Dark Fact knocks him away and launches projectiles at him, destroying his cleria shield in the process. Adol's prowess impresses Dark Fact. When the monsters attacking Minea die as a result of Feena and Reah tapping into the Black Pearl, Dark Fact drops his sword and asks Adol to kill him as the former's body ceased to be his when he signed a contract with evil so he will not have to live on as a servant of darkness that haunts his future, believing he sought to be saved by the brave soul more than anyone else.

Dark Fact tells Adol that his destiny will immediatley begin, when Adol refuses, Dark Fact launches a fireball to make him do so. The sorcerer accepts his demise as his body fades away, leaving behind Volume Fact and his cloak. Adol reassures Feena she will need to be afraid of monsters anymore. Adol reads the book to learn that when the threat of the great evil comes again, the power that united Ys will need to be sealed again. With all the books on his person, Adol gains a power that destinies him to be a hero that will lead Ys to peace.

This power engulfs him in light with Reah and Feena following him while thanking him as they guide him to Ys and part ways once there. His landing point at the outskirts of Lance has him meet Lillia and warn her of monsters in the area. When Lillia takes him to Lance, he realises that he is no loner in Esteria and is on Ys.

As Lillia returns from getting water, Adol recovers from the swelling as Lillia's mother Banoa brings him her husband's old clothes as they cannot fit him anymore. When Adol asks about the monsters, the doctor dismisses their existence and claims Ys is peaceful, but not a true peace.

Lillia explains that there is a location called the Holy Shrine of Toal that honored the six priests. Adol and Lillia look at a town as he sings a song he learned long ago. Lillia explains that Ys is not at peace and terrible things needed to be done to survive. When Adol asks about the Holy Shrine of Toal, Lillia asks him why. Adol explains that he might be able to find out why he came to Ys.

Adol was packing his bags and expresses gratitude for fixing his wounds before heading to the mine with Lillia trying to help him to find the Shrine, but Adol tells her to stay with her mother. Adol was on his way when Lillia snuck off from her mother. When Adol annalyzes the mural, the ground collapses where he finds the Shrine of Toal with all six statues. The books merge with them and bring forth the vision of Dark Fact to Adol. His former enemy explains that seven hundred years ago, the priests made some sort of mistake and sent Ys to the heavens and the evil monsters will exist as long as the Black Pearl remains in one piece. The evil power will increase and the earth will be driven to despair.

Dark Fact then gives Adol the powers of the priests needed to defeat the evil that plagues Ys, but also warns him that these powers can also turn people evil. Dark Fact also tells him that once his powers and the goddesses' wishes become one, there will be true peace.

Dark Fact also shows Adol a vision of the demons on horseback taking Lillia to be a sacrifice. Adol asks Fact what he needs to do. being released form the curse of his physical form and given himself over the tides of destiny, Dark Fact tells him that he will unfold his own destiny and tells him to fight as the sacred power is within him.

Adol arrives in Rance Village when Lillia gets taken in as a sacrifice for the monsters and asks how many centuries sacrifices been offered.

As the elder ordered the townsfolk to stop Adol from saving Lillia who was taken to the mountain top ruins to be sacrificed, Sada intervenes and throws him a sword to prove the people that the beasts can be defied.

Adol arrives as the leader of the demon pack was preparing to sacrifice Lillia and cuts through the monsters, prompting the demon to draw its sword out of anger at Adol's defience of the demons. They proceed to cross swords as Adol proclaims that the people will not need to obey it. In the end, Adol breaks the demon's sword and cuts it down. The demon is in disbelief that it was not invincible before it seemingly expires.

Lillia warns Adol that the demons will soon choose another sacrifice, Adol counters that he will put a stop to this. However, the robed demon survived its wounds and tears off its robes to reveal its true form, a blood-red monster with only one eye and a tree stump-like lower half.

As it lashes out at Adol, it launches a fireball from its mouth, but Adol avoided it and rushes to save Lillia as the colomn collapes. The demon asks Lillia why she protects Adol who asks her to run. The power of the priests enables Adol to use magic against the demon, much to its shock.

Adol tells Lillia to get down as he dispatches Velagunder with a fireball, the dying demon asked why Lillia sided with the humans as she should have been with them. Adol explained that this magic would defeat any evil monster.

However, this only infuriated the villagers who do not believe anything about Ys being an island floating above the earth. Adol gets subdued by the villagers when all fell on depth ears. Lillia breaks Adol out of his pen to save him from being sent to the monsters and make their escape from the mob. At Lillia's suggestion, they head to the Ice Ridge of Noltia, considered a forbidden land.

When Sada arrives to talk Jira out of shooting Adol, Adol proceeds to ask Jira if he really seen what is on the other side of the Ice Ridge and manages to make him shoot the ground.

Their parties then proceed to investigate the ruins when they cross paths with Feena and Reah who were at the ruins. After camping out, Adol and the guys scale the mountain with Lillia and the goddesses staying at the camp when the girls get spotted by Tyalmath.

When the men find themselves at the glacier, Adol tells them to enter a cavern as it might show the truth about the demons. When they reach the other side of the tunnel, Adol realises that it was it and the edge is closeby.

Shortly after, a demon called Tyalmath emerges from the snow. Jira claims to be tricked by Adol who was not having any of it. However, the group leave Adol to be walloped by the fiend. But start to turn on Tyalmath before the clouds disperse, the demons' deception is fully exposed when the clouds clear up to show that there was land beneath Ys.

Tyalmath tries to silence them, but Adol expends his energy to burn the monster to death, after which he falls unconscious. Soon, Adol starts to explain various things about the lower world such as the sea and those across it.

Soon after, Lillia comes with a pendant from the goddesses and find her feet bleeding, with Sada telling Astall to give his cloak. Lillia explains that Feena and Reah were kidnapped by the mosnters and taken to Solomon Shrine at Proses mountain.

Plans are soon made to travel through Burnedbless with Jira and Lillia returned to the village and Astal convincing the elders of the truth. On the other side of Burnedbless, Adol will find the village of Ramia where he will meet Sada's fiance Maria Messa who might help him.

Adol is impeded in his progress by when he finds the bridge out and talks with the local bridge keeper who was ordered not to let people pass as the monsters kidnapped his son and took him to a prison.

Adol proceeds to infiltrate the prison and slay the monsters guarding it, calling out Tarf's name as he was dispatching the monsters. Adol proceeds to try and free them when a huge monster incercepts Adol and destroys his sword, prompting Keith to break from his chains and aid Adol in killing the beast.

Adol returns Tarf to his father so he can cross the bridge. Adol also gets Cleria Armor that was previously used by a knight to combat evil. Adol journeys on to try and save the goddesses when he sees the aftermath of a massacre that taken people in as sacrifices and killed many who tried to resist. Rance Village also got ambushed from the sky and captured many people as sacrifices.

Those who survived and escaped capture were scattered, it also is here that Adol learns of Sada lived here. Just then, Sada's father pleaded for his son to be stopped as he went to Solomon Shrine by himself with a Cleria Sword.

As Adol was heading to Solomon Shrine, he learns from Gorto another village was ransacked for sacrifices when they witnessed a group of flying demons carry them in cages. Gorto and Adol promptly cling onto a cage to infiltrate the shrine and stop further sacrifices.

Adol blasts away the demons so their batch of sacrifices can escape. Adol grabs one of the monsters from the collars to make him tell where the other captives are, the monster refuses and tells him that he cannot scare a monster and Darm can ressurect him and his fellow monsters.

Adol and Gorto continue to infiltrate the shrine when they come across several monster bodies and an insectoid monster impedes them, prompting Adol to dispatch it with a fireball.

Just then, Keith appears to show them around the shrine and takes them to the dungeon where the hostages are at. Soon it was discovered that Maria was taken away and Sada is at the bell tower. There, a sacrifice will be made when the bell is ringed five times.

Adol makes plans to head to the tower while he asks Keith and Gorto to take care of everyone. Adol rushes through the tower to join Sada in fighting the monsters to reach the tower.

Adol catches up with him when he fights through the monsters, killing one that tried to kill him from behind. When they find Maria, a force field prevents them from saving her. The ground proceeds to crumble under her and they try to stop the ritual before the bell rings five times.

When they reach the top, they find Dalles was in charge of the rituals where the bell is used to sacrifice those chosen for it, having expected Adol to come a little sooner.

Sada tries to use his sword to attack Dalles, but Dalles counters him. Adol launches a fireball to try and stop him only for Dalles to block it and launch a projectile at the duo, claiming that humans are no match for evil.

He then gleefully tells them to hear the last ringing of the bell as they are powerless to stop it, leading to Maria being sacrificed. Dalles mocks Adol, viewing him as a powerless soul in this realm and asks if he is daring to stop him from sacrificing other captives.

Dalles grows two more arms, musing he did not make use of half his power at the Darm Tower and proceeds to use the sarcophagus curse on the humans in the shrine. This resulted most of the humans becoming stone.

Dalles mocks Adol for his powerlessness in stopping this before warping off to carry out bigger goals. This takes a toll on Adol which leads to his suffering giving the demons strength needed to break the spell of the six priests in order for evil to be reborn on Earth.

Adol despaired over his failure to stop this from happening and vows to kill Dalles, something the goddesses oppose as it only serves to empower Darm. Adol proceeds to take up Sada's sword to kill all the demons in the shrine. Adol goes on a rampage in his unstable state as he hunts down Dalles until he finally catches up to him where Dallles seeks to end Adol's life once and for all and makes the callous claim that Adol has no hope of winning.

In fact, Adol's attacks have no effect thanks to the state he is in and Dalles proceeds to beat him brutally at full power. However, Darm grabs Dalles declaring his duty fulflled and he should have died after the fall of Darm Tower. After Darm kills Dalles, Darm declares Adol his chosen soldier of evil and welcomes him to Solomon Shrine before telling him to accept the power of evil and lord over the earth with him.

The goddesses appear and find themselves confessing that the monsters were born from the Black Pearl and they intended for the creation of a new paradise, however these goddesses were not real and Adol only desires to kill all the evil monsters and stop Darm's plot. Darm however feels determined to prove that evil is supreme and will merge all the evil power with him.

As Adol fights Darm, Dogi, Goban, and Luta find themselves unable to get close and cannot get through the barrier until Adol lets his hate go. Darm tells Adol that once his body is full of hate, he will become one with the demon with hate taking form and evil being righteous.

However, when Lillia played the magic harmonica at the bell tower, Adol is able to be released from the seeds of hate. Adol then realises why the goddesses gave the power of the Black Pearl to humans and where it went wrong.

Seeing that Adol's sanity returned, Darm tells Adol that he will not be in the new world he intended and shows an unconscious Lillia with the intent to use her as a sacrifice.

The intent of the magic was supposed to bring happiness, but it was misused for the desires of greed and the greed gave birth to Darm and it was why he resented humans. However, his perception of the human heart was no different than Darm's own heart and angered humans turned their hatred towards him.

Lillia awakens and asks Adol to destroy the Black Pearl, Darm asks Adol not to listen to her. Adol refuses and tells Darm that the goddess's mistake of giving humans magic was at a time they were not ready for them.

As Adol prepares to destroy the Black Pearl, the demon pleads with Adol to stop which gets ignored as Adol destroys it, killing Darm. Lillia subsequently fades back in through light and safely placed by Adol's side with a non-sentient Black Pearl in her hands. Various people Adol helped proceed to give him their gratitude and the Goddesses reclaim the Black Pearl. They also demonstrate their gratitude to Adol nd Lillia who expresses remorse for not giving Adol the necklace, but it turned out to be destiny and she can keep holding onto it as Feena tells her.

The goddesses then tell them that they will stay and protect the Black Pearl until the time comes before the say their good byes with Feena vowing not to forget Adol and the time they spent.

When Sada marries a revived Maria, Adol sets off for his next journey.