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Oh Adol, how can I ever thank you? I'll never forget what you have done. Your bravery, your kindness, your inspiration.
~ Elena thanking Adol for saving her and all of Felghana/Kenai from Galbalan/Demanicus in Ys III for the PC-Engine (English).

Adol Christin is the main protagonist of the Ys franchise. This page focuses on how he was portrayed by Hudson Soft.


As opposed to most versions of the story, he had reached the country of Esteria safely on a boat and Sara Tovah escorted him to Mineta. After gaining one of the books of Ys, Sara placed the book of Ys she had in the care of Reah before fleeing to Celceta.

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys

Two years after saving the world from Darm, Adol returns to Esteria with Dogi to see how things changed in Esteria. Dogi also explains that Goban opened up two stores which was unfortunate for Pim.

After reaching the dock, they are greeted by Goban who is glad to see them back after two years. Goban explains that things did change during the two years, when Dogi mentions that Goban gave up thievery, Goban tells Dogi that he is still in charge of him. After returning to Mineta, Goban announces the return of Adol and Dogi to the townsfolk.

Adol also learns that Sara Tovah came back and heads to talk with her. He learns from her that after she escaped Dark Fact, she also went to find the source of evil light in her crystal ball, after she felt greater resonance in it than Darm and it also shown her shown Celceta, a shrouded forest land.

The appearance of demons put a halt to her search and forced her to retreat. She then asks him to get to Celceta. After Adol visited a party with Dogi and Goban, Adol seemingly sleeps in, but then sneaks out to hitch a ride to Promalock before Lillia arrives.

After equipping himself with the Cleria gear, Adol explores the town of Promalock where he learns of the demons attacking Celceta over two years. The town has also been uneasy about the Romun Army's occupation of the country despite their claims of protecting them.

When Adol explores the forest, he finds Karna breaking free from two Romun soldiers who were suspcious. Karna introduces herself to Adol and tells him that her village, Arieda, is not far from here.

When Karna leaves, Commander Leo intervenes and threatens to launch a fireball from a cannon at him if he does not surrender. After Adol is forced to surrender, he is stripped of the Cleria gear and locked up with Duren.

When Adol talks with him, he learns about the Romun Empire's hunt for a golden city. Shortly after, Karna breaks them out and leads the duo out of the dungeon. When Adol and Duren take Romun equipment, an alarm goes off and the trio get confronted by Romun soldiers while trying to escape. After Duren escapes without them, Karna and Adol were forced to put down six soldiers sent to recapture them.

Before Adol heads to Arieda, Karna warns him of the demons plaguing Celceta and reaffirms her men that Adol is not an enemy. After Adol enters Arieda, he learns about people disappearing and demons appearing dealt a severe blow to the status of Celceta as a peaceful and quiet place.

The demons also prevented Dr. Flair from finding the Celceta Flower he could use for his cure-all medicine. Adol soon learns from the elder that the latter's son Lemnos vanished near the mine and an eerie howl has been heard at night and the volunteers have not been coming back.

Adol then gets the mine key so he can put a stop to the claiming of more victims. After his search, he finds himself facing off against the spider demon that was disturbing the peace at night. After the demon was defeated, it was revealed that the demon was Lemnos, who was put under a curse by the Clan of Darkness.

After Adol hears that Slano's Tomb was in danger of being invaded by the Clan of Darkness, Lemnos was escorted back to Arieda to have his wounds treated. Back at the village, Adol was reassured that it was the Clan of Darkness to blame for what he is.

Adol follows Karna to the Nergal Lava Pits at Fire Mountain where they fight against various monsters to get to the tomb. After Adol opens the door to the tomb and touches Slano's tombstone, he finds himself fighting an armored humanoid that dual wields hatchets and launches flaiming projectiles.

However, Adol manages to best it by striking the armor when it's vacated, earning an audience with Celceta's strongest warrior Slano, who informs him that the Clan of Darkness seek to open a sealed gate and are in the process in doing so. As Adol's help is needed, Slano grants him Fire Magic.

As Adol and Karna try to leave, they are confronted by the Clan of Darkness who were after the Fire Magic. When Adol refuses to hand over the Fire Wand, Bami turns parts of the wall into animate monsters to kill Adol and Karna. When Adol and Karna slay the monsters, Bami tries to turn the duo into monsters which enrages Slano who triggers an earthquake forcing everyone to retreat.

After Adol and Karna leave the Nergal Lava pits, she summons a carrier pigeon named Ruce with her Wind Flute. She reads a letter Ruce brought which has good news of Lemnos's recovery and gives Adol a Wind Flute of his own so he can summon Ruce.

Adol follows Karna back to Arieda where he talks with a recovering Lemnos who explains that Gruda was the leading member of the Clan and Adol must be careful. His father, the village elder, had been aware about how crazed and murderous the clan was and the forest clans were forced to steal when the Clan of Darkness got involved.

Adol travels past Fire Mountain and through a forrest to reach the tree village of Yupel by scaling the Great Tree of Celceta whose roots reportedly spread far to the other side of the ocean, he learns about sages who know of Celceta's ancient legend and speaks with the village elder, Garcia who asks him to see Rames and Celceta depends on an unseen force.

Per Garcia's request, Adol scales the tree while fighting monsters to get to Rames. After getting to the area where he needs to see Rames, the sage's attendant summons him so he can learn of the first third of Celceta's legend.

In this portion of the legend, Adol learns that a race of winged people who resided on a small continent called Eldeen who possessed a power source called the Mask of Sun and flourished for a thousand years and seven months before the night where a cataclysm sank the continent beneath the sea with no known cause.

When the survivors went to Celceta, a country in Southen Europe with the Mask of the Sun, their skills and devices helped the undeveloped land turn into a highly productive farmland. But when people grew corrupt and greedy, a civil war between two halves of Celceta broke out which ended with Arem using his schemes and trickery to make it easier for him and his military to kill many on both sides and subjugate the suvivors when he conquered the war-torn Celceta.

After hearing this part of the tale, Rames tells Adol to find the two other sages in order to hear the whole story of Celceta, before Adol leaves, Rames's attendant gives him the Orb of Darkness needed to reach Talim's tomb.

Once Adol gets there, he his warped to a treetop-like arena where he fights a two-headed roc as part of the disciple's trial. After passing the trial, he is greeted by Talim's spirit who talks about how the demons have been growing in strength and number on a daily basis. But Talim assures Adol that his power still grows as the even the weak can become stronger.

Talim then grants Adol the Alter Magic so he can proceed further in the great forrest. After Adol returns to the vilage, he is taken to see Garcia who tells him that the Alter Magic will allow him to swim and speak with demons. Garcia then gives the Roda Ring so Adol can recover his magic before the hero heads to the Valley of Lament where Laparo Village is located.

A transformed Adol navigates the swamp and meets a bird named Robin who asks Adol to find him a Rune Seed in a nearby marsh, once Adol brings the seed, Robin gives Adol the Broad Sword as a token of friendship. As Adol continued to navigate the forrest, he stumbles upon the Clan of Darkness talking about how much his prowess frustrated them before heading off to the Storm Sanctuary to meet Eldeel.

When Adol tries to follow, Gadis stays behind to cut down a bridge Adol tried to cross. After being injured by the fall, Leeza arrives and ties a bandana on Adol's injured leg before leaving. After he recovers, Adol continues his journey to try and find Laparo village.

On the way there, he crosses paths with Leeza on a hilltop who asks him to rest while she shows him the whole forrest where she talks about how see comes here whenever she feels sad about a friend. After Leeza leaves, Adol heads to Laparo Village closeby.

Once Adol arrives, he learned about how terrible a situation got and Schultz insists that he and the mayor cannot tell the villagers where Leeza went. After Adol talks with Mayor Melchia, he is warned not to enter the Storm Santuary as he cannot guarantee the hero's safety.

However Adol went there anyway and navigates it where he finds Leeza running from a monster. Once Adol kills it, he returns the bandana Leeza tied around his leg to her. Just as Leeza tries to see her friend, the Clan of Darkness kidnap her and make Adol surrender his wands in order to ensure Leeza's safety only to try and kill her anyway.

Duren, a former member of the clan, arrives and stabs Gruda with a throwing knife, freeing Leeza from him. Adol pursues the trio while Duren protects Leeza. Adol enters the inner sanctum where he learns Leeza's friend was the Eldeen Eldeel who was corrupted into evil by the Clan of Darkness.

Here, Adol learns that the Black Pearl originated in Celceta. The Pearl is also the Speaking Stone. Eldeel absorbs the stone's power and destroys it before zapping Adol unconscious and destroying the sanctum. After Eldeel retreats with the clan, Adol is taken by Duren and Leeza to the latter's house to recover before the former heads to find his former comrades.

After Adol wakes up, Leeza explains that Eldeel used to be kind-hearted before his corrupted and pleads with him to save all of Celceta from the clan. When talking with the grateful mayor, Adol learns the light of hope is an unseen force that saves people from terror and despair.

Before leaving, Adol gets the Sand Whistle so he can get to the village guardian Miyu's tomb at the bottom of the Quicksand Valley. Adol then heads there by passing a fence by the Storm Sanctuary. After navigating the desert and meeting Duren, Adol places an Earth Crest on a marking by the Clan of Darkness and plays the Sand Whistle to summon a pyramid so he and Duren can enter Miyu's tomb. When Duren could not get pass a door, Adol enters Miyu's trial where he fights and defeats a sand snake monster. After passing the trial, Miyu's spirit tells Adol that if the sealed powered is released, all the life in the world is at risk of being in torment. After getting the Warp Magic, Adol makes his way to Libra Village through the now opened exit to the tomb and through the desert and a rocky mountain's ancient road.

When an old man rushes towards the village, Adol follows him where he learns that the old man, Jeff, wanted to save his grandson Tim from demons. Adol then proceeds to head to the snowy mountain where the boy is being held by an icy arachnid monster. Jeff gets knocked away when the monster awakens from its slumber while trying to break his grandchild out.

After Adol frees Tim, his grandfather returns to Libra Village with him while Adol explores the ruined village of Venus the monster was blocking the entrance to. There, he finds the second sage, Enszo inhabiting the body of a woman's child.

Here, Adol learns of the second chapter of Celceta's legend where Arem's reign of terror in the early days where the fearful people of the ruined country was put through torturous cruelty until Lefance and his disciples arrived to fight off Arem's army and eventually overthrow and kill Arem himself.

With the support of the people, Lefance lead the newly founded Celcetan Dynasty as king. Lefance took a ferry to the Eldeen where he gained the Mask of the Sun and used it to build a capital overnight. After enshrining the Mask in the Mask fo the Sun, Lefance had the Mask of the Moon created in order to control its counterpart's power.

The blessings of the masks ensured prosperity with man and the Eldeen working with eachother in peace and brotherhood. Adol takes the Orb of Light from the baby's mother before leaving for Libra.

When Adol witnesses Jeff and Tim return, it was discovered that the boy was poisoned by the monster and starts to get petrified. The panicked Jeff was baffled by this as the town had no doctors.

Adol fetches Dr. Flair from Arieda so he can check on the boy. After the two warp to Libra, Flair runs over to Tim and finds he needs to make the Elixir to de-petrify him. Jeff tells Adol that the flower might be around a cave near the lake.

Adol takes a raft from Gilliam to navigate the lake to try and find the flower where he finds himself plummeting down a waterfall and getting turned into a monster by the Clan of Darkness. This makes Ruce afraid of him. After Adol navigates a nearby cave, he learns Gruda is making plans to have the Mask of the procured from Celceta.

After Adol gets the Tablet of Sorrow, he hears from Duren, who does not recognize the transformed Adol, that a mummified woman freaked him out. Adol visits the woman, Aria, that she is the last of the sages and hears the last chapter of Celceta's Legend. Here, Adol learns that after the passing of Lefance and his disciples, the Mask of the Sun's power was passed down to their descendants until after several hundred years passed.

Adol's old foe Dark Fact, then known as Siege Fact, borrowed the strength of the Romun army to invade Celceta and steal the Mask of the Moon where he subverted the Mask of the Sun's power to evil purpose, leading to a cataclysm triggered by the unstable Mask where demons, famine, and plague was brought upon Celceta, forcing the descendants of the five disciples to give up the last of their strength to seal the raging mask by sinking the city, leaving a forest in its wake.

After hearing the entire legend, Adol is told by Aria to prevent the seal on the Mask of the Sun from breaking before she turns to dust. Adol examines her robe and procures the Orb of Hope. After continuing his navigation of the cave, Adol finds the Celceta Flower when the ledge collapse under his feet.

After using holy water to rid him of his curse, uses a mattock to break down a cavern wall in order to leave the cave. Adol gets a letter from Ruce where Karna and her men fixed the bridge Gadis cut down. Afterwards, Adol warps with Dr. Flair to Arieda in order for the latter to make the elixir.

Before this can happen, Dr. Flair asks Adol to visit Minea in order to get Claus's help. He also asks Adol to show the tablet he found to Jeva in Zeptic Village. Adol and Flair sail off to Esteria to find Claus where they find the Gadis-lead Romun Army occupying Esteria while hunting for the Mask of the Moon, leading to problems for the people.

The army also is supposedly looking for Keith Fact when he went missing when they came, something Dogi finds wrong. Adol revisits Sarah Tovah who knew about the Clan of Darkness who have been pulling the strings behind the Romun soldiers. She also believes some connection between Celceta and Esteria has been hidden here which led to their enemies' arrival.

As Adol was heading Zeptic Village, he crosses paths with Lillia at one of the Southern Roda Tree who was happy to see him come and promises not to interrupt his attempts to save the day. Adol visits Zeva Tovah and shows her the tablet and reads about twin girls who were born at the time of Eldeen's ruin, leading to their mother sending them adrift in the Duarl Sea for a new realm with the Speaking Stone guiding them.

The tablet also mentioned a mask with great power that grants strength. She is unsure for most of it and the twins could be Feena and Reah. She then tells Adol to pray at their statues in the abandoned mine north of Minea. After receiving the Silver Harmonica from Luta, Adol heads to the mine in order to find the goddess statues and play the harmonica to communicate with the goddesses.

When the goddesses answer his summons, Feena and Reah confirm that they were from Eldeen and his strength is needed again. They also explain that Eldeel is the last of their kind and is seeking to break the seal on the Mask of the Sun by procuring the Mask of the Moon Sieg Fact stole from the Celcetan Dynasty.

Sieg used the power of the mask to spawn Darm and his revival two years prior was a result of Sieg's direct actions. They also reveal the Mask of Eyes used to reveal hidden passages is actually the Mask of the Moon Eldeel and the Clan of Darkness were after.

When they give the mask to Adol, they cut off communication before a citizen of Esteria alert Adol to the Romun army kidnapping Lillia and must save her. Adol also hears about Keith was among the soldiers. Adol then heads to the crumbling Darm Tower to save Lillia and Keith.

As Adol fought his way up the tower, he finds a letter from his old friend Raba Solomon who wrote it as a warning for his family in the event Adol returns. While Cleria sealed away all the magic, it was done imperfectly and the Black Pearl was used by Sieg Fact to make the Cleria to spawn more demons as time was going on. The next passage tells Adol to stop the source of evil of tragedy might again fall on the land. The letter then ends with the hidden location of an idol of mysterious power that might be of use to Adol.

Adol enters the hidden room which was closeby with his mattock where he finds the idol and uses a mirror to traverse to an icy area he had been in during the first game. After Adol reaches the top floor, Gadis forces Adol to fight the brainwashed Keith who was morphed into a clone of Dark Fact, this one-sided fight was halted with Feena and Reah's timely intervention when they revert Keith to normal and restore Adol to health.

Furious at this intervention, Gadis fights Adol personally in attempt to kill him, but Adol manages to slay him in battle, reclaiming the fire magic that was stolen from him and driving off the Romun soldiers. After Keith wakes up, he apologises for what Gadis put him through. After they leave the tower, Dr. Flair arrives to let Adol know the elixir is done.

Keith also tells Adol that he and his people will take to defending Esteria. Once at Libra, Dr. Flair cures Tim of his petrification. Despite what the monster did to him earlier, Tim runs outside the village against his grandfather's wishes where he befriends a Roo.

Dr. Flair asks Adol to watch after Tim who wandered off with the Roo. Adol pursues the two to the Ruins of No Return where Tim was unwilling to head home and Adol finds himself following the two through the treacherous area. After falling down a hole, Adol finds himself trapped in a room with Tim and the Roo until Dogi breaks them out.

Dogi, angry at Tim, drags him back to Libra Village despite the boy's protests. When Adol was about to leave, the Roo stops him and reveals himself to be a vengeful Gadis who was revived by Eldeel for one last chance to redeem himself.

Despite taking on a more powerful form, Gadis is bested once more by Adol who reclaims the Alter Magic and the Cleria Shield. Adol turns into a Roo and swims down the river by Libra getting Battle Armor and finding a hidden path within a tunnel he passed through in his previous trip down the river.

After navigating the hidden water dungeon, he comes across Rady's tomb and fights against a suit of armor as part of Rady's trial. After besting the trial, Adol is greeted by Rady's spirit who informs Adol that passing all the trials will earn an audience with Lefance and that the wicked creatures in Celceta that plague are ashamed of their own black hearts.

After Adol is granted the freeze magic to stop those of evil purpose in their tracks, he goes down the river one last time where he travels past some ruins and down a waterfall where after a long trek, he comes across the Moon Village Serene and learns of a rock barricade blocking the path to Torie's tomb. With Lady Origa's permission, Adol visits Banjo whose Kibie dust was taken by the Romun Army, thus she cannot make the Black Potion.

Adol wears the equipment he snatched from the Romun Army in order to infiltrate the fortress and hunt down the soldier with the key to the storage room and take it from him. He also overhears Leo going to bed after the disastrous Esteria campaign. Adol finally catches the soldier and takes away his key in order to enter the storeroom and reclaim the Kibie Dust so Banjo can make the Black Potion needed to blow away the rocks blocking the path.

After Adol blows away the rocks, a suspicious old lady arrives and gives him a talisman that is said to resemble a severed head, claiming it protects him from harm before walking away. Adol enters a lava cavern where he comes across Torie's Tomb and upon touching her tombstone, he gets warped to a bizarre dungeon where he can warp onto the walls and fights hostile treasure chests.

He finally faces off against the boss of the trial, a bizarre wizard that can teleport and fire projectiles as well as shoot lasers and turn the area into an outer space-like area. After besting the wizard, he clears the final trial and is greeted by Torie's spirit.

Torie explains that Lefance's purpose is the same as her and her fellow disciples. She then grants Adol the Seeker Magic before he returns to Serene to find it in ruins. The old lady from before asks him to give her the Mask of the Moon. When Adol complied, the old lady reveals herself to be Gruda who informs him of a pending ceremony before warping away.

Adol uses the Seeker Magic where he finds that the villagers retreated into a cave at the expense of Luzac's life. The area was also built to protect Lefance's tomb. Adol accesses the tomb via a statue and is greeted by Lefance.

Lefance introduces himself as the protector of Celceta and explains that he is in the ancient capital. He also explains that the Mask of the Sun has been sealed here and that the Clan of the Dakrness who do not understand the Mask of the Sun's power and are looking to break the seal.

Lefance also explains that if Eldeel acquires the Mask of the Moon, all the land will be reduced to cinder and ash. Lefance also gives Adol the Shield Magic and blesses his righteous intent onto's Adol's magic so he can try and stop the Mask of the Sun from being restored.

Adol uses a statue to get to the marshes so he can try and stop the ritual at the lakeside ruins, on his way there, he is greeted by Duren who informs him of Eldeel carrying Leeza off as a sacrifice and must stop him.

After Adol gives Robin a Yug Bud to clear the path to the ruins in an attempt to stop the ritual. However, he is spotted by Eldeel who was putting on the Mask fo the Moon for the ritual and Bami fights Adol to stall him long enough for Eldeel to bring back the city.

While Adol slays a transformed Bami and recovers the Cleria Armor, he was still too late to stop the city from being brought back. Just as Eldeel tries to sacrifice Leeza, Gruda betrays and mortally stabs him, explaining that to the Eldeen that he is no longer of use and that the real reason he seeked his help was to resurrect Arem before taking the Mask of the Moon and warping off.

As a dying Eldeel begs Leeza for forgiveness, the disciples of Lefance arrive to escort Eldeel to the afterlife where he can rejoin his people and tell Adol that in order to stop Arem, he must destroy the Mask of the Sun with its El Doran magic. Adol escorts Leeza home before setting off to the Ancient City to try and stop Arem's resurrection.

Upon reaching close approximity of the city, Dogi crosses paths with Adol and teams up with him to get to the heart of the city. When Dogi tries to break down a gate, Leo's forces blow it away with a cannon and rushes in with his men, locking up a gate to prevent interference from Adol and Dogi, forcing the dup to take a different path.

When they catch up with Leo, the duo watch as the traps in trigger a dwindling of Leo's forces until Leo himself dies after the last trap mortally wounds him. When a wall stands in their way, Dogi smashes a hole in it only to get injured protecting Adol from a falling piece of rubble. Adol summons Ruce so Dogi can get help from Karna while Adol ventures further into the city.

After defeating a pair of gargoyles, Adol procures the Seal Key needed to open a locked door that prevented him from further progress. Here, Adol meets Lefance a second time. Lefance explains that Arem is returning and Adol must break the barriers in order to enter the Temple of the Sun.

Lefance laments that the magic was intended to be eternal, but Arem's pending awakening mandates that Adol must find Gruda and recover the Cleria Sword. Adol heads to the Zanria Tower in order to destroy the Speaking Stone there which manifested itself as a mindless copy of Darm in a failed attempt to defend itself.

When Adol succeeds in reaching the top of the Lunes Tower, he confronts Gruda who was expecting him and, while he acknoledges Adol being strong enough to defeat Gadis and Bami and Arem's hatred leading to this encounter, he tells Adol that he is expecting Arem to bring hell on earth and fights Adol in order to kill him and bring his head to Arem as a gift.

However, Adol mortally wounds Gruda who spends his dying moments pleading Arem to bring the world to ruin. After Adol regains the Cleria Sword, he returns to Lefance in order for him to turn the Cleria gear into powerful El Doran gear.

Lefance then tells Adol to head to the temple where the Mask of the Sun rests and destroy it. Prior to Adol heading off to face Arem, he receives a letter from Karna where Lefance explains that she had a dream where Lefance tells him of a new age dawning in Celceta and it all depends on him and the guidance of Lefance and his disciples.

As Adol prepares to enter the Temple of the Sun, the five disciples arrive to use the last of their strength to empower the Mask of the Moon so Adol can fight Arem. Adol fight through the path to the temple where Arem resurrects and declares his intent to get revenge on his defeat centuries ago by having all living things on earth burned by the flames of hell.

After a tough first phase of the fight, Arem summons a suit of emerald armor in an attempt to have a shot to kill Adol. When he loses in this phase, the room begins to collapse when Arem re-emerges as a puddle of primordial slime. Unwilling to accept defeat, Arem absorbs the souls of his deceased underlings from the Clan of Darkness in an attempt to drag Adol down to hell with him.

But Adol manages to slay Arem by breaking three orbs connected to Arem's weakened body. After Arem dies in anguish that he was vanquished by the light once more, the Mask of the Sun collapses under Adol's feet. As Adol was falling, Lefance and his disciples express their gratitude for Adol stopping Arem's return as the power is returned to where it belongs and they can finally rest in peace as he warps Adol out of the collapsing city to safety.

Once Adol returns to the hilltop he was with Leeza, she, Dogi, and Karna express relief that Adol is okay and that the people of Celceta is freed from the curse of the past before they return to town.

Once back at town, Duren vows to Adol that he intends to help rebuild as amends for being a member of the despised Clan of Darkness, Dr. Flair tells Adol that he will help the wounded, Adol declines an offer from Tim to play, visits the mother of the boy Enzo possessed and is glad that she is able to live as a normal mother and son as Enzo left his body, and Karna thanks Adol for saving Celceta and intends to live her life to the fullest.

Before Adol leaves Celceta, Leeza asks him Celceta someday and to take care as she will never forget him. As Adol is returning to Esteria, Dogi prepares to tell him of his homeland Celceta. At some point in the future, Adol marries Lillia and has a son.