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My father thinks I'm a better man than he is. Unfortunately for you, he's wrong.
~ Adolin to Sadeas
Maybe the Codes weren't just about protecting against the Parshendi. Maybe they were about something more—about giving the men commanders they could respect and rely on. About treating war with the gravity it deserved. Maybe it was about not turning a war zone into a festival. The common men had to remain on watch, vigilant. Therefore, Adolin and Dalinar did the same.
~ Chapter 58

Adolin Kholin is one of the heroes in The Stormlight Archive series. He was the Prionce of Kholin; but later promoted to Highprince of Alethkar.


During warfares, Adolin is in fact a very nervous and shy girl where his friends did most of the talking and cheering him up, giving his strength. However, in an ensuing battle with enemies, He accepts the heroic duties to protect them. He is determinable to practice heroism before becoming either princes or kings.

Powers and Abilities

  • Idea Embodiment - Knigts Radiant Members can become the embodiment of ideas, the representation of any/all thoughts and concepts that come from a spontaneous and reflexive manner that occur without thinking. This allows them to have limitless or near-limitless power and control over any and all ideas whether new or old.
  • Chivalry - Knigts Radiant Members possesses an innate ability to manifest great courage and nobility at all times, especially in the face of adversity. The knights express a desire to maintain order and are well rounded in many aspects. They are well versed in the seven knightly virtues and some are as zealous as to try and destroy that which they see as impure, as well as suffering from psychological stress due to having to suppress their natural instincts and desires. Their selflessness and compassion makes them very charismatic and they soon earedn the trust of those around them. The knights are determined and their enthusiasm allows them to master whatever they put their minds into. Although knights may have an indomitable will, most fall prey to mental control and illusions because of the constant absence of their personal needs. If their will is strong, however, and they do not easily fall prey to temptations. Their greatest weakness is, indeed, the over-trust in their dogmas, the trust in those who are closest to them and their naive disposition. As maintainers of the status quo, knights expect those alongside them to behave properly, however, they are always loyal to them to an extreme degree, to the point that they may even give up their lives for those who become their allies. Certain kinds of animals have an affinity, such as war-dogs and horses, due to their loyalty to their masters and great reliability in times of conflict.



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