Thank you. But next time, this is the beer we drink.
~ Busch showing his plans to Eberhard Anheuser

Adolphus Busch is the central hero of the commercial Born the Hard Way, which first aired in February 2017.

Busch was portrayed by actor Sam Schweikert.

In the 1850s the young Busch made his way across the ocean on an arduous journey to the United States. He passed the time by putting his designs for his brewery and the beer he planned to brew in the United States. One night in rough seas he was thrown from his bunk. The doctor who stitched up his head wound him up asked him why he wanted to leave Germany, and he replied he wanted to brew beer.

Arriving in the United States, Busch found that some residents were less than pleased that he was in their country.

He made his way to St. Louis on a steamship, which one night exploded. Forced to jump into the river, he swam to safety. Cold and wet, Busch made his way to shore. He was able to find his way on to a rowboat, which took him to St. Louis.

Making his way into town, he stopped at a local watering hole. The middle aged man standing next to him in the bar figured out right away that Busch was not from around town. He bought Busch a beer. Busch thanked him, then showed him the beer he planned to brew, Busch told the man next time that would be the beer they would have. The man offered Busch his hand and said his name was Eberhard Anheuser. Giving Anheuser his name, Busch returned the handshake.

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