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Adorabat is the female protagonist of the Cartoon Network Show Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart and one of the main protagonists alongside Mao Mao and Badgerclops.


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She is a small blue bat with a yellow peg leg. In “No Shortcuts”, she wore robot armor and mega-peg. She has big yellow eyes and a yellow heart on her tummy.


She is cute and sweet like the rest of the townsfolk in Pure Heart Valley but unlike them, she is adventurous, cunning and brave. She admires Mao Mao and desires to be an action hero just like him.


  • Like the other protagonists, she goes through a personality change. In the pilot, she is as goofy as Badgerclops and gets along with him but Adorabat in the series, this time around, views Badgerclops as a rival and outright manipulated both him and Mao Mao in order to try and achieve her desires.

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