Princess Adriana Slododac is a one-time character in the Jem animated series.


Princess Adriana is a seventeen years old princess who lives in Morvania, a fictional European country, and she is soon to be crowned queen once she turns eighteen. In The Princess and the Singer she has invited the Holograms to make a private performance at her castle. The situation turns out that the princess and Kimber are exact lookalikes.

Meanwhile, Lexa, Adriana's cousin, in collaboration with Dimitrios, the princess's secretary, is conspiring against her, plotting to kill her and take the throne for herself.

Taking advantage of one of Adriana's escapades, Dimitrios sends his henchmen to kidnap her. Adriana and Kimber bump into each other at a marketplace during the rouse and the latter is kidnapped by Lexa's henchmen instead, mistaking her for the princess. With no other option, Adriana decides to take Kimber's place with the Holograms until she decides what to do.

When she realizes the scam, Lexa hires Eric and the Misfits to help them find and retain Kimber, while Dimitrios plants a bomb on the stage where the Holograms are going to perform to kill the real princess. When Eric and the Misfits realize Lexa's intentions, they hurry to the place and save Adriana and the rest of the girls just before the bomb explodes.

By the end of the episode, Lexa and Dimitrios are arrested and it is implied that Adriana is crowned the new queen of Morvania the next week.

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