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Now I'll never know if I was right.
~ Adric's last words

Adric is the tetartagonist of the eighteenth and nineteenth seasons of Doctor Who.

He was portrayed by Matthew Waterhouse, who has voiced the character for Big Finish. An older version of the character was voiced by the late Andrew Sachs.


Adric was one of the Alzarians, a group of evolved inhabitants of Alzarius who had taken up their home in a crashed Starliner from Terradon and come to resemble its original crew. Although decorated by the Starliner community as a mathematical genius, he showed some sympathy with the Outsiders led by his brother Varsh and tried to join them. He was present when the Marshmen emerged from the swamp and encountered the Doctor, Romana and K9, who had just arrived on the planet in the TARDIS. He reluctantly helped the other Outsiders take shelter in the ship, which he accidentally piloted into the Starliner, leaving Romana behind. He helped the Doctor uncover the Alzarians' true nature and prevent the Marshmen's attack, although Varsh was killed in the process. Rather than leaving on the repaired Starliner, he stowed away in the TARDIS.

On the next stop, Adric ventured out after the Doctor and Romana had left and was recruited by Aukon, the chief servant of the Great Vampire, and offered vampiric immortality. He seemed to accept the offer but tried to save Romana from being sacrificed. After the Great Vampire had been killed, Adric left with the Doctor and Romana. The Doctor managed to pilot the ship to the point between Adric's universe, E-Space, and his own N-Space. There, they parted company with Romana and K9, with Adric accompanying the Doctor back into N-Space.

Adric and the Doctor were summoned to Traken by their Keeper, who sensed a great evil there at the time he would pass on his powers. This turned out to be the Master who managed to install himself as the new Keeper. Adric befriended Nyssa, the daughter of the Keeper's chosen successor Tremas, and together they sabotaged the planet's Source, contributing to the Master's defeat. However, after the Doctor and Adric had left, the Master killed Tremas and took over his body. The Doctor and Adric journeyed to Logopolis, where they were joined by Nyssa and accidental human stowaway Tegan Jovanka, and witnessed the Master accidentally unleashing a wave of entropy that threatened the universe. Adric saw the Doctor regenerate from his fourth to fifth incarnation and was held prisoner for a time by the Master, who used his mathematical genius to create the artificial city Castrovalva as a trap for the new Doctor.

Adric was run over by the Urbankan tyrant Monarch, believing his claim that he would improve things for people by giving them immortality as androids, until he learned Monarch would wipe out Earth's population, after which he deactivated Monarch's android assistant Enlightenment when she tried to kill the Doctor. During the adventure on Deva Loka, he attempted to control an Earth expedition's TSS suit, instinctively firing on the native Kinda in a panic. He was held prisoner by the Terileptils for a time and took part in the festivities during a visit to Cranleigh Hall.

Shortly before his last adventure with the Doctor, Adric showed an interest in returning to Terradon, working out a way to return to E-Space, but ultimately chose to stay with the Doctor. He helped destroy a pair of androids attacking his friends and worked with the Doctor to defuse a bomb set to destroy Earth. He and the Doctor encountered the real culprits, the Cybermen, who followed up by trying to crash a freighter on Earth. Adric was left behind on the ship when the Doctor was forced to take the Cyberleader on the TARDIS and turned down a chance to evacuate with the crew, convinced he could crack the codes to redirect the ship. The console was destroyed by a dying Cyberman, and Adric died when the freighter crashed on prehistoric Earth.

The audio play "The Boy That Time Forgot" has Adric survive for hundreds of years in a bubble universe. Bitter, he attempts to get revenge on the Doctor but ultimately lets him and Nyssa leave as his universe collapses.


  • Adric was killed off since it would be a waste of a story to drop him back off in E-Space.
  • His room in the TARDIS was later given to Vislor Turlough.


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