Hero Overview
We both have these pebbles
~ Translation USA (Vitoria for the adventurers on their first appearance)

Adventures Yellow's or Vitoria and Pedro, are two super heroes from a youtube program from Brazil, youtuber Luccas Neto. And they have the power of speed.



She is black, and her hair is black. Formerly she wore only yellow and white clothes but now she wears a black blouse with a yellow jumpsuit with a tiger paw print in the middle.


He is black, and has black hair. And he used to wear all yellow clothes, but now he wears a yellow orange tank top with a tiger paw in the middle, and his pants are brownish gray.


Both are very competitive, and love to race! And they always try to be friendly to others and sometimes try not to believe in fictional things. They are good friends, and they never hesitate to ask for help!

Powers and skills


  • Super Speed: The main power of the two is Super Speed.


  • Sing: They are both very good at singing.
  • Dance: The two are very good at dancing.


A witch gave them the yellow power stone for the two then the two became Adventures Yellow's.


  • Both can take inspiration in Flash
    • Even the two seeming, the Rin/Len Kagamine are unlikely to have the inspiration in the two.
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