Aelita Schaeffer (also known as Aelita Hopper, Aelita Stones, and Maya) is a human-turned virtual being, and the daughter of Franz Hopper. She is the only girl in Lyoko (as only one exists), and one of the members of Team Lyoko. However, Aelita differs from the other members of Team Lyoko in that she is deeply linked with Lyoko, as she remained as a guardian of the virtual world for ten years after being virtualized by her father, Franz Hopper. Jeremie would later discover Lyoko, and in turn, Aelita (and X.A.N.A.) after turning on the Supercomputer. She is the true main protagonist of Code Lyoko.



Aelita was born to Waldo Schaeffer and Anthea Schaeffer about 22 years before the events of the series. She lived happily with both of them in the mountains and her parents gave her an small elf doll as a gift and her father taught her to play piano. One day however, her mother dissappeared.

As Waldo Schaeffer moved with her to The Hermitage and changed his name to Franz Hopper, Aelita was home-schooled. She was unaware about her father's laboratory, supercomputer and X.A.N.A.. One day, however, she had to hide Mr. Puck, who had a hidden key to Franz Hopper's locker in the local train station. When Aelita came back from biking, two men dressed in black arrived at The Hermitage, forcing Franz Hopper and Aelita to escape through the sewer to the abandoned factory, where Aelita discovered her fathers secret laboratory. Franz Hopper virtualized Aelita and himself in order to keep themselves safe and the next thing Aelita knew, she was in the Forest Sector of Lyoko. There, Kankrelats attacked her and her father, forcing them to hide in the nearby tower. Franz Hopper explained that he had to go & make peace with X.A.N.A, the artificial intelligence that wanted to destroy them both. Aelita had to wait in tower. However, she can't wait much longer and goes outside, where Hornets were attacking her father. Franz Hopper explained that X.A.N.A can't be stopped. After asking Aelita to promise that she'll never forget him, Franz turns off the supercomputer to prevent X.A.N.A. from attacking Earth, leaving Aelita inside it for 10 years.

X.A.N.A. Awakens

As Jeremie Belpois is looking for parts for his robots in an abandoned factory, he eventually finds the supercomputer and restarts it. Aelita awakes almost immediately afterwards, but didn't remember anything about her past. Jeremie assumed she was an artificial intelligence and decided to name her Maya. As Jeremie found out about the scanners and virtualization, he sent Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern to Lyoko. They didn't meet Aelita because they were devirtualized by Bloks in the Ice Sector, but not before Ulrich spots a strange red Tower in the same Sector. Feeling the pulsation from the red Tower, Aelita heading to the Ice Sector through a Way Tower. Jeremie wanted to materialize Aelita on Earth, so they can shut down the supercomputer and told Odd, Ulrich and Sissi that they could do it if they could get Aelita into the red tower (a tower which X.A.N.A. had activated when Jeremie restarted the supercomputer) in the Ice Sector. However, Sissi gets electrocuted by an electric energy orb sent by X.A.N.A. and Ulrich brings Yumi Ishiyama to the factory. Jeremie sends Ulrich, Odd and Yumi to Lyoko to help Aelita get to the tower after an fierce fight with X.A.N.A.'s monsters. As Aelita saw the interface, she found out that her name wasn't Maya, but Aelita. She deactivates the tower, however, Jeremie's theory was wrong as Aelita couldn't come to Earth. Aelita thinks that keeping the supercomputer on was too dangerous and that they should shut it down immediately, but the others agreed to keep fighting X.A.N.A until Jeremie finds a way to materialize Aelita.

Season 1

Aelita stays in the Way Towers of Lyoko's sectors, being safe in there from X.A.N.A.'s monsters. She helps Jeremie with his materialization process and feels X.A.N.A's pulses whenever X.A.N.A. decides to activate tower for an attack. Through the season, Aelita is threatened to be killed by X.A.N.A. when trying to deactivate the towers. In Cruel Dilemma, Jeremie managed to create the correct program because of Odd dropping candy on random buttons of his keyboard. But because of this, Jeremie didnt know the full code and it could only be used once. However, X.A.N.A. attacked and Yumi, who had helped Aelita in Lyoko, fell into the Digital Sea, causing Jeremie to use the materialization program to bring her back. When Yumi was later captured by a Guardian, Aelita managed to free her by making a clone of her, convincing the Guardian that it had the wrong prisoner. Later, Aelita herself was taken prisoner by a Guardian, but was freed by Jeremie, who created an clone of her. Aelita has been up for tough challenges like choosing between two towers and finding hidden towers.

Jeremie eventually manages to materialize a strand of Aelita's hair. As he tries to do some follow-up tests, Aelitas annex program gets bugged, meaning that she would get devirtualized from using the towers. X.A.N.A attacked and Jeremie tried his best to debug the system, but there wasnt time for it to be finished and Aelita deactivated the tower and dissappeared. Jeremie, however, used the materialized strand of hair to bring her back. When Aelita and Jeremie try to do more tests on materialization, Aelita accidently does some preparations that Jeremie had already done, causing Jeremie to get mad at her. As Jeremie thinks he hurt Aelita, he decides to go into Lyoko by himself, but an error occurs, moving Jeremie somewhere between Lyoko and Earth. Aelita, who is connected to Jeremies' thoughts, activates four towers from four sectors, bringing Jeremie safely back to Earth just before the supercomputer had him erased. During Ghost Channel, Odd, Yumi and Ulrich dissappeared during Return To The Past. Aelita finds out that X.A.N.A had created a virtual reality to trick the missing trio into thinking that they were actually back in the real world. As Jeremie virtualized himself to save the others, Aelita used her abilities to destroy the illusion, freeing the others from X.A.N.As mercy.

Jeremie soon manages to create the correct materialization program, sending Aelita to the Forest Sector. However, monsters attack her and the tower she is in in order to stop her from leaving. But with the help of Ulrich, Aelita materializes for the first time on Earth with others being at the Scanner room to welcome her. Jeremie had her enrolled to Kadic as Odds' cousin and Yumi had her parents convinced about she staying at her home and Aelita was even better than Jeremie in the classes. But when team tried to shut down the supercomputer, Aelita collapses. As Jeremie investigated, he found out that X.A.N.A. had giving Aelita a virus that connects them both. If X.A.N.A. is destroyed, so is Aelita. With X.A.N.A. sending his monsters to attack Kadic, Aelita deactivates the tower and decides to stay in Lyoko in case X.A.N.A. would attack again. The Lyoko Warriors decide that Aelita would visit the Earth occasionally to visit for them.

Season 2

As Jeremie had created vehicles for Odd, Ulrich and Yumi, X.A.N.A had created new monster, Tarantula. Aelita visits the Earth, where Jeremie and the others had prepared an surprise for her, which was her being enrolled to Kadic again with a room and everything. Aelita happily accepts the offer and enrolls as Aelita Stones. During a field trip, Aelita suffers from visions, leading her to an old abandoned house, The Hermitage, where X.A.N.A. ambushes her and tries to kill the team inside the houses' boiler room. Aelita manages to escape with Odds' help and they deactivate the tower.

Sometime later in school, Aelita doesnt get along with others well, as Sissi tricks her into entering the boy's bathroom and feeling that no one has time for her, Aelita returns to Lyoko, where X.A.N.A.'s monsters trick her to the edge of Forest Sector and a transportation orb appears, taking Aelita to a new, mysterious sector, where the Scyphozoa attacks Aelita to steal her memory. She is saved by the others and brought back to Earth, where she decides to stay while learning to insult Sissi as well. As the team goes to investigate Sector 5, Yumi has to stay behind because of her parents getting suspicious. Ulrich and Odd however get devirtualized and Aelita is almost attacked by the Scyphozoa again, but Yumi arrives just in time. Jeremie and Aelita decide to work on an anti-virus that would free her from X.A.N.A's virus. However, as X.A.N.A. takes control over time reversion, Aelita is left to Lyoko by the program and the Scyphozoa attempts to steal Aelita's memory again, but is again stopped just in time.

As Aelita keeps having bad dreams, they eventually lead her to rediscover her past toy, Mr Puck, which has a key to a locker in the local train station. Jeremie finds a video diary of Franz Hopper, the man who used to own the Hermitage and work in Kadic before, however, the diary is locked with a code. X.A.N.A. takes control of Jeremie, destroying the diary, while kidnapping Aelita and sending her to Lyoko for the Scyphozoa and is again rescued by the others. As she gets a necklace as a Valentine present from a mysterious person (thinking it is Jeremie), she is possessed by X.A.N.A., who created the necklace. Being possessed, Aelita surrenders herself to the Scyphozoa, forcing Odd to shoot her to the point that she could die, which then again forces the Scyphozoa to let her go. Later, Aelita finds out that she is a good mixer, and she likes mixing so much that makes it her hobby. Later, the Scyphozoa steals Yumi's DNA code, forcing her to stay in Lyoko. Aelita chooses to transfer her DNA codes to Yumi, which would leave her memory without protection and X.A.N.A could steal it much more easily. Aelita stops the process, thanks to Ulrich and Odd. Together, they all visit Sector 5 and get Yumi's DNA codes back.

Jeremie later creates Marabounta, a program that would automatically wipe Lyoko of X.A.N.A.'s monsters. However, because of Aelita's virus, it also attacks her and becomes as almost self-aware as X.A.N.A, destroying everything in it's way and forcing the Lyoko Warriors to work together with X.A.N.A.'s monsters. Odd manages to destroy the monstrous program in the end and X.A.N.As monsters shows their graditude to Aelita, even though they are still enemies. Soon, news of Peter Duncan, a notorious criminal, has escaped the police and Aelita is having serious headaches and passes out during the class and is sent to hospital. There, she has two heart attacks and survives both of them. Jeremie finds out that Aelitas behavior is because of the super-computer looseing it's power and needing to be recharged. Peter Duncan, possessed by X.A.N.A, takes Jeremie and makes him change the core of the supercomputer, resulting in Aelita being alive and well again. X.A.N.A tries his best to get Aelitas memory: turning people into zombies, causing the team to break up by using a polymorphic clone and even kidnapping Yumi and Odd. As Aelita keeps seeing her visions, she goes to Sector 5 during one mission, only to find out that X.A.N.A propably used the visions to confuse Aelita.

Jeremie informs the others that X.A.N.A has activated 5 towers and team goes to the factory, where they find Franz Hopper, deactivating towers from the interface of the supercomputer without going to Lyoko. He explains that he was a prisoner, but managed to escape and that he was there to help the Lyoko Warriors rid of X.A.N.A. He reveals that the scanners and virtualization weren't ready for usage and finds out that Yumi has cellural problems in her brains, causing everyone - excluding Aelita - to turn against Jeremie. When Franz sends everyone to Lyoko, Jeremie had found out that Franz is an impostor and helped Aelita to send an replica of her to Lyoko, where the Scyphozoa attacked and destroyed it. With his plan in ruins, X.A.N.A's polymorphic Franz Hopper specter disappears and Aelita deactivates the tower in Sector 5. Soon however, in Odd's movie night, Sissi starts acting weird and Lyoko Warriors discover that the real Franz Hopper is trying to contact them. Jeremie sends Aelita to decode Hoppers diary, which X.A.N.A tries to take over, but fails and it is revealed that Aelita is actually Franz Hoppers daughter, who lived on Earth a long time ago. X.A.N.A didn't give Aelita an virus, but took a fragment of Aelita away and that he wants to steal the Keys of Lyoko from Aelitas' memory, so he can escape from the supercomputer and conquer the world. Aelita tries to shut down the supercomputer and kill herself in the process, but Jeremie prevents it from happening and everyone goes to Sector 5 in order to find Aelitas' missing fragment. One by one, Odd, Yumi and Ulrich are devirtualized and Aelita gets trapped with the Scyphozoa immediately arriving and stealing her memory, killing her and X.A.N.A breaks out of the supercomputer. Franz Hopper, however, uses all of his powers to revive Aelita, who finally gets her past memories back. Aelita decides that she and the Lyoko Warriors will destroy X.A.N.A, whatever it takes.

Season 3

Two weeks have passed and Aelita has worked with Jeremie during the holidays that Odd and Ulrich spent in camp. Jeremie finally managed to track down X.A.N.A from the internet. However, X.A.N.A has sent monsters to a room below the Arena in Sector 5, which is revealed to be the Heart of Lyoko. Everyone defends the heart, with Aelita having developed a new power,Energy Field, which allows her to defend herself. Aelita also gets devirtualized like others, making Jeremie realize that Aelita doesn't need Code: Earth anymore to materialize.

With more attacks, X.A.N.A sends the Scyphozoa to plant an possessing virus on Aelita, which makes Aelita to run to the Way Tower, despite Odd trying to stop her. In a Way Tower, Aelita enters Code: X.A.N.A, which gives X.A.N.A access to the Forest Sectors system data, causing the malevolent program to delete the sector. Aelita later wonders if it's possible to bring her father back, causing her to argue with Jeremie about it. Aelita with Odds' help, sneaks onto Sector 5 to get info about Franz Hopper and they find out that X.A.N.A's monsters are attacking the Core again, stopping them with later help of Ulrich and Yumi. When X.A.N.A uses birds to attack again, Odd and Ulrich get competitive and accidently leaves Aelita with the Scyphozoa, causing her to delete the Desert Sector. She is later possessed again in the Ice Sector, but is stopped by Yumi just in time before she entered the Way Tower. When X.A.N.A leads Ulrich and Odd to confuse the real world with Lyoko and vice versa, Aelita had to keep an eye on them while taking them to Way Tower. Later on, X.A.N.A sabotages the supercomputer, making it impossible for Aelita to deactivate the tower or Jeremie to reboot the system. In order to avoid total destruction of the supercomputer, Aelita had to delete the Ice Sector. Aelita is later possessed once more to delete the Mountain Sector, however, Jeremie finds a way to virtualize everyone directly to Sector 5 and they also added William Dunbar to their group as he has proven himself trustworthy enough. As Ulrich has to deal with his father, Odd races in skateboard competition, Yumi is babysitting Hiroki and Jeremy is being interviewed by Milly and Tamiya, X.A.N.A decides to attack the Heart of Lyoko, leaving only Aelita and William to deal with the problem. William ,however, gets too reckless and the ywo of them get separated. William meets the Scyphozoa, which possesses' him and when Aelita catches up on him, William devirtualizes her and joins the monsters in the Heart Chamber. Aelita watches as one by one Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are devirtualized and William destroys the Heart of Lyoko just before Jeremie would have managed to rescue Franz Hopper. With Lyoko gone, Aelita realizes that if they can't fight X.A.N.A, the whole world is in great danger. However, Franz Hopper sends an email to Jeremies' laptop along with the data to recreate Lyoko.

Season 4

Aelita and Jeremie have worked on the recreation of Lyoko for a couple of weeks and they manage to bring Sector 5 back into existence. On that night, William appears, claiming that he woke up in the factory. Later on, William meets Aelita in her room and reveals himself to be possessed by X.A.N.A before knocking Aelita unconscious and taking her to factory, where he virtualizes them. In Sector 5, William races with the Lyoko Warriors to take Aelita out of Sector 5 to the Digital Sea, where he could throw Aelita into said sea, but she is rescued by Odd.

Later, Chris from The Subdigitals arrive to Kadic in order to find a mixer for the opening act they're gonna hold. Aelita attempts to take her demo to Chris, but is captured by polymorphic specter, that takes her to Lyoko, where William threats to throw her into Digital Sea. Aelita is however rescued by others. In order to cover up Williams absence, Jeremie created an clone of him, which was temporarily taken control of X.A.N.A. Jeremie and Aelita had also worked on virtual submarine, that would allow them to travel around network, but when they are working together at night, they are caught by Jim, who puts them into detention, preventing Aelita and Jeremie from completing most vital part of creating the submarine. X.A.N.A adds more trouble by sending William along with some monsters to attack submarine, but Kiwi manages to get Jim distracted from Jeremie's and Aelita's detention, allowing them to help others to defend the submarine. They try to think name for it, which Aelita finds from viking books that her father used to read to her. The ship would always get to its destination no matter how bad the storm was, Skidbladnir. During Skids maiden voyage, Aelita managed to convince Jeremie into letting them to travel into network, however Jeremie had an error with Skids Navigation System and neads to retrieve an disc for it from school. Meanwhile, Aelita and others discover an sphere, similiar to Lyoko, which Aelita realises not being Lyoko itself. After Jeremie had program retireved, Aelita tells about their discovery, which Jeremie realizes is probably an replika of Lyoko created by X.A.N.A after he stole Aelita's memory.

As Jeremie decides to hold an crash course about usage of supercomputer to others, Aelita gos to final round of auditions held by Subdigitals, however X.A.N.A attacks during that time and knocks Jeremie unconscious, forcing team to work together to deactivate the tower. Later on, Odd has played whole night and is too tired to enter classes, asking Aelita to make an excuse for his absence. Aelita tells Jim that Odd is in infirmary, which Jim believes but ends up getting himself to infirmary, where he discovers that Odd wasnt there after all, gaining detention to both Odd and Aelita, who start arguing with Odd over Aelita's way of making excuses and Aelita over Odds laziness. With two of them arguing, team travels back to the Replika they discovered, finding an copy of Forest Sector within it. Ulrich and Yumi decides to look around, not willing to stand Odds and Aelitas fight, leaving two of them to guard Skid. Odd starts to feel regret about their fight, but Aelita isnt willing to give up. William attacks along with some monsters. As Odd is about to fall into Digital Sea, Aelita rescues her by devirtualizing him. As Odd finds out that Nicolas and Herb are about to discover the lab, Odd tells Jeremie to bring Aelita back to Earth and two of them show up for Nicholas and Herb, kissing each other (which Nicholas and Herb find awkward, propably because of everyone believes that they are cousins) which causes Nicholas and Herb to leave. Soon Jeremie tries to train others into better shape, but everyone complains about his training, causing team to seek help from Jim, whos teaching methods are even harder than Jeremies. Aelita finds recruiting Jim an mistake, which Jeremie corrects. When X.A.N.A attacks however, everyone, even Aelita herself seem to have improoved physically as they go to Lyoko and deactivate tower. During an trip to the island in middle of an lake, X.A.N.A traps everyone in the island, attempting to burn them into crisp with lightning. Ulrich manages to hide Aelita into one of the boats and have her going to the factory by using Sissis bike, that Sissi took with her. At factory, Aelita activates four towers from four sectors to activate Skids shields that destroys Scyphozoa, that has been draining power from Skid. Aelita then gos to help Yumi to deal with William and deactivates the tower.

When team finds an way to seek and destroy Replikas supercomputers, Odd and Aelita are energized as specters depp into Amazonian rainforest, where they seek for supercomputer, only to find out that X.A.N.A is building something. Aelita uses her powers to open code-locked doors and they eventually finds supercomputer but are energized back by William, who took over the process through tower that was connected to Skid. With two of them returning, they haf to abort mission, though Odd later managed to destroy the supercomputer. Aelita starts seeing dreams about her and her parents life in mountains and her mother being abducted by Men in Black. She tells about her dream, but everyone has to go to vacation, leaving Aelita alone to school. She then receives an message from Franz Hopper, telling her to meet her at Ice Sector, where he had created an virtual reality bubble. As Aelita greets her father, she soon notices that something is wrong when her father doesnt remember name of Skidbladnir and starts questioning Franz about her mother. As she realises it is X.A.N.As trick, William steps in. Aelita shatters the virtual reality and tries to escape from William, with others arriving there as well. However Aelita ends up being thrown to Digital Sea. As everyone believes she is gone, Franz Hopper emerges from the sea, dropping Aelita back to Sectors surface. When monsters start to attack him, Aelita begs him to leave Lyoko at once, leaving William enraged by the failure. Team soon also finds and destroys Desert and Sector 5 Replikas. Soon the Subdigital concert arrives, with Aelita being opening act in it, but she is captured by xanafied show manager and virtualized to Lyoko, missing her opening act. Others discover her whereabouts and come to her rescue once again and with return to the past, Aelita doesnt miss her concert this time. When Aelita and Jeremie look around Hermitage, they discover rebooting program formula for supercomputer. Meanwhile Odd accidently sends Aelita's and Franz Hoppers picture to Sissi, who gives it to her father, who starts to suspect Aelita's identity. Finding out that Aelita isn't who she is saying she is, X.A.N.A possess him and captures Aelita. Aelita is sent to Forest Sector, where Scyphozoa attacks her, possessing her and X.A.N.A commands her to jump down into Digital Sea. As Ulrich and Yumi arrive, Aelita obtains one of Ulrichs katanas and uses it to fight him. Jeremie uses rebooting program to clean the Lyoko from X.A.N.As presence and frees Aelita from his will.

With discovering Ice Replika, Aelita and Ulrich, who guard the Skid are sent to deactivate an tower that has sent William to Earth to prevent Yumi and Odd from destroying the Ice Replikas supercomputer. Aelita however realises that tgis tower could hold key for freeing William. As Tower is deactivated, William returns to Replika in order to destroy the Skid, but is stopped by Ulrich and Aelita again. Then two of them witness X.A.N.A creating his strongest monsters yet, which devirtualizes them immediatly and almost wipes out Skid, which is saved by Odd and Yumi. Odd names the monster Kolossus. When team returns to Ice Replika, Aelita is transferred to Siberian research facility along with Odd. There they discover X.A.N.As robot army, that evil AI would use to take over the world. They fail to destroy the supercomputer though, but thanks to Aelitas hard work, Jeremies program and Odds laser arrows, William is devirtualized and freed from X.A.N.As control. However, Kolossus managed to destroy Skid in the process. Without possibility of travelling around network with hungreds of replikas out there, team Lyoko sees no other way than to get rid of X.A.N.A if they wish to save the world. Soon team receives message from Franz Hopper, telling them to meet him in Ice Sector in order to get rid of X.A.N.A. Aelita meets her father again, but the Kolossus and many more monsters attack, forcing Aelita and Odd to retreat to Sector 5, where Aelita enters interface of Celestial Dome with X.A.N.A´s destruction program. When they dont have enough power to run it and Odd gets devirtualized, Franz Hopper arrives and gives all the energy for Aelita. However they payed heavy price as Franz Hopper is killed by two Mantas, causing Aelita immediatly run the program, that destroys X.A.N.A´s monsters, cleans all the sectors and destroys all the Replikas around network, destroying X.A.N.A. Aelita is brought back to Earth, where team decides to shut down the supercomputer, since it's no more use for them anymore.

Code Lyoko Evolution

Sometime later after Franz Hopper's sacrifice, Aelita finds suspicious activity with schools electric equipment. Thinking its X.A.N.A, Jeremie tries to convince her that it isn't possible. As team gos back to factory and restarts the supercomputer, Jeremie discovers that Forest and Ice Sectors have dissappeared. Sending Aelita and Odd to Lyoko, Aelita checks the Sector 5 tower to see if its activated. However, Jeremie finds out that there is another tower in Sector 5 that has been activated by X.A.N.A and soon Aelita and Odd are attacked by monsters. Aelita deactivates the tower and Jeremie finds out after Polymorphic Specter attacked Ulrich, that X.A.N.A survived by implementing its source codes to Aelita, Odd, Yumi and Ulrich.Jeremie and Aelita reprograms Skidbladnir and they inform the team about it, however they meet up with William, whos grown suspicious with teams behaviour and suggests that X.A.N.A is back, despite Odd trying to cover it up. Lyoko Warriors however dont let William rejoin them because of him being captured by X.A.N.A out of recklesness. As team (excluding Odd) returns to factory, they travel into network again and discover another virtual world, which Aelita names Cortex because of its shape. They enter the new virtual world and Aelita tries to gain access to its core, but is suprised by William, who was sent there by Jeremie. As Aelita gains access to the Cortexs core, she finds an interface where she finds picture of his father within. However core closing, Aelita is forced to leave. Later, small child hugs Aelita and Yumi and Ulrich comes into contact with child while trying to separate him from Aelita. They discover that its one of X.A.N.A´s specters, trying to steal source codes inside them. After some challenges she manages to deactivate the tower, making specter dissappear.

With new student, Laura Gauthier appearing, Aelita notices her being smarter than Jeremie and doesnt look too happy meeting her. Returning to Cortex, Aelita and others see Jeremies new creation, MegaPod. An vehicle that allows them to travel through Cortex much more safely. However, it gets stuck and monsters attack it, forcing Aelita to defend it. She eventually gets devirtualized because of Odd making an joke about Jeremie and Laura being flirting with each other. Aelita finds out that Laura is in the laboratory, helping out Jeremie, much for Aelitas displeasure. With team gathered to lab, they try to vote for Laura joining the team, which Aelita dissapprooves and starts return to the past, erasing Lauras memory. Still, with William trying to gain teams trust back, Aelita and others dont tell him about whats going on. However they soon need Williams help once again, making him and Ulrich to put aside their rivalry. And William is finally accepted as the sixth member of the team once again.

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