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Aeon (Lizardman) in SoulCalibur IV

Aeon Calcos, or Lizard Man, is a character from the Soul Calibur series of video games. As shown he is a warrior cursed by gods forever in the form of a lizard-man. It is not exactly known what he did to anger the gods but he is sometimes seen making sounds that could be trying to say help me or get away from me, I am a creep. In the older games, he is shown to have some sort of connection with Sophitia and Cassandra like as if he was a friend or older sibling. Soulcalibur V was the first game to refer to him by his human name while in Lizardman form, and the gods gave him more powers, like increased size and strength, flight, and fire breath, oddly not human speech. He is more of an anti-hero or tweener, who is just concerned about improving his status and being safe.
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