Aerie Portrait BG2
Aerie is a character from the video game Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.

Aerie is a lawful good Avariel, a race of winged elves, but because she has lost her wings, the game determined she is an elf. She is a Cleric / Mage, and she was tutored by Quayle, a companion from Baldur's Gate I. She is a potential companion in Baldur's Gate II and a love interest for male player characters. Aerie is found during the subquest Investigate the Circus Tent at Waukeen's Promenade in Athkatla. The illusion spell makes her look like an ogre and she asks the party to free her by giving her the key of her chains, which looks like sword. After freeing her, she will offer to join the party. She has a Quarter Staff, and wears a Traveller's robe when joining the party.

In-game biography

When asked about her past, Aerie becomes silent for a time, obviously saddened by the memory. She lived among the Avariel, the winged elves, and was captured by slavers when she was still very young. She shudders when she speaks of her first years in the circus, on display in a cage that restricted her movement to the point that her wings atrophied. They became infected... and Aerie can barely speak about the night when she was taken out of her cage and her wings were sawn off brutally to keep her alive. She was no longer of use to that circus, and were it not for the kindness of Quayle she surely would have died. He restored her to health and gave her a reason to continue living, and out of respect and generosity she learned the devotion of the Gnomish god Baervan Windwanderer. She speaks of Baervan with affection, yet still pays tribute to Aedrie Faenya, and approaches life outside the circus with a combination of wide-eyed innocence and wonder mixed with an inborn determination to fight against injustice.

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