Aeril Vi Arcadia was a member of the Lords and the second imperial princess of the Holy Arcadia Empire’s thirteenth generation alongside her deceased sisters Hayes and Listelka. She posed as Coral Esther who was the aide to the Vanheim Principality’s Greifer Nest.

She later dropped her disguise and caught the Seven Dragon Paladins for her family. But soon after that, she changed sides and fought against her family after Hayes and Listelka were killed by Fugil Arcadia.


She is a youthful-looking girl who is slender and pale-skinned. She is grey-haired and has a grey right eye. Her left eye is green as a result of Baptism.

When she disguised herself as Coral, she resembled a green-haired androgynous man with her hair tied in a braid.


Although born a member of the lords at the prime of their rule, she had always been a kind-hearted person towards commoners. Despite her sisters’ obsession with bringing back the prime of their Empire in the name of their bloodline being “Superior”, Aeril knew that their atrocious attitude towards their own people (such as using them as ingredients for Elixir) was the trigger of their collapse.

For the most part, she is a cheerful and social person, if only a bit mischievous. When she worked as Greifer’s aide she mostly had to be the voice of reason and responsibility, which he found annoying.


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