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Aerogan is a Bakugan that comes with Dragonoid Destroyer, he is Tigrerra's student.



He looks like a Power Ranger with white armor that covers most of its body. Due to its training, Aerogan has great skills and technique in battle. It has also amazing jumping skills due to its light armor, which allows it to jump as high as it wants. Because of that, its attacks have the element of surprise. It is very young and still has a lot to learn. Aerogan is hyperactive, funny and sweet.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

He made his debut in Jump to Victory, where he was seen training in New Vestroia. After that, he somehow landed on Earth and ends up in Runo's juice. He explains that he wants a real brawl and a brawling partner. Later, he battles against Wiseman and Volkaos along with RunoDanDragonoid Destroyer and Reptak. Afterwards, he goes back to New Vestroia and apologizes to his mistress, Blade Tigrerra, for running away without telling her.

In Blast from the Past, he battled against Mechtavius Destroyer along with Tigrerra. He uses his jumping ability well, but ends up vaporized. This event was later undone when the brawlers traveled through the Current of Time and battled against Mechtavius Destroyer before he could travel to New Vestroia.

Ability Cards
  • Lightning Smasher
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