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Aerrow is the principal protagonist in Storm Hawks. He is a Sky Knight and is good at defeating the Dark Ace which he is very fond of his way. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.

Personality and Traits

As the Sky Knight and leader of the Storm Hawks, Aerrow is the last descendant of previous leader Lightning Strike. He is a talented and skilled Sky Knight, being the first person to defeat the Dark Ace and survive after beating him in a Sky Duel. He is considered one of the most talented Sky Knights in Atmos. Genial and brave, but with a fierce daring streak, Aerrow is a typical leader; wherever there is injustice, Aerrow is the first to suggest going on a potentially dangerous or deadly mission to right the wrong.


Aerrow uses a pair of twin lightning blades, each powered by a rare blue Striker Crystal. The two blades can be joined at the hilts to form a double-bladed sword. Aerrow's signature attack with his blades is his Lightning Claw maneuver, a technique that fires a pulse of lightning energy ahead of him, preceded by a pair of wings extending from the blades, which form into the pulse. Unlike most characters, who keep a parachute on-hand should their vehicles be destroyed or otherwise rendered inoperable, Aerrow has a retractable hang-glider, allowing him to continue fighting despite the loss of his vehicle or return to it if they are separated in combat.