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Afterburner is one of the smart and intelligent Autobots called the Technobots. He transforms into a Cybertronian motorcycle and forms into the left arm of Computron. He was also created by Grimlock who decied to make new Autobots who are smart and intelligent to fight the Terrorcons by using Unicron's brain parts. He is also known for frequently arguing with authority figures.

G1 cartoon

He was one of the Technobots who were created by Grimlock out of Unicron's brain parts as a countermeasure to the new Decepticon Terrorcons, using the heightened intelligence the Dinobot had gained through an accident. Once their bodies had been built, Grimlock transferred his powerful intellect into them, returning to his original intelligence settings. Grimlock's New Brain

The Technobots were soon after stationed at Autobot City on Earth, to learn how to work with humans. Afterburner was incensed when he observed Scattershot and Strafe being beaten around by Hun-Gurr, and rushed off to assist without waiting for his slow-talking, slow-walking comrades. He eagerly attacked their Terrorcon opponent and, with the others' help, drove him off. Later he accompanied EDC captain Marissa Faireborn on a mission to track down a Quintesson base within the solar system, threatening along the way to do nasty things to the self-serving smuggler Dirk Manus. Finding his teammates damaged and under attack by Sharkticons, he eagerly attacked. His strategy: hit 'em hard! Despite having apparently led the Technobots into a trap, Manus managed to talk his way out of being abandoned by the Technobots; Afterburner wasn't exactly impressed. Thanks to his somewhat underhanded help, the Technobots were led to the Quintesson base and defeated the Terrorcons there.

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