Arkantos, by the gods! I did not expect mother Atlantis would send her best admiral to fight for me.
~ Agamemnon

Agamemnon is a minor protagonist in the video game Age of Mythology. He appears exclusively during the Greek Arc of the campaign Fall of the Trident, and is the leading commander of the Greek army in the Trojan War, intent on rescuing Helen, the wife of his brother.

He is voiced by Peter Renaday.


Before Arkantos arrives, Helen, the wife of Agamemnon's brother Menelaus was kidnapped by the Trojans, vowing him to rescue her. When Arkantos arrives at Troy, he finds Agamemnon and Ajax, who are struggling to resist the Trojan attacks. They start by destroying two nearby docks to weaken their naval strength. He then meets with Odysseus and teams up with him to siege the main gate and rescue Helen, who is the wife of Agamemnon’s brother. They are successful in taking down the gate, but Ajax’s camp is ambushed and Arkantos is forced to order his men to retreat. As Arkantos and Ajax destroy the Trojan base adjacent to the camp, Agamemnon’s camp is attacked.

Just as Agamemnon contemplated giving up, Arkantos reconsidered his tactics, and Odysseus suggests building a great wooden horse to sneak behind their walls. They succeed in doing so, and Arkantos, Ajax and Odysseus steal siege weapons to raze the gate. With the security undermined and the element of surprise on their side, Agamemnon storms his army inside and they are successful in saving Helen. He is not seen again afterwards.


You have arrived in time for our final push, Arkantos. Get your men ashore. You can make your camp to the east - but be careful. The Trojans have some scouts in that area. When you are done, we will start preparations for our assault.
~ Agamemnon when Arkantos arrives in Troy.
Ahh, and here he comes, Odysseus, a champion of Atlants, sent to fight in my army. Join us Arkantos - you know the famous Odysseus surely.
~ Agamemnon introducing Arkantos to Odysseus.
When you get through, Ajax will rush his men in to clear out the Trojan defenders. Then I will enter and rescue Helen.
~ Agamemnon outlining his plans.
Curse Troy and those who dwell within her walls! They torched our food stores and tents, even most of the ships. We'll be lucky to even escape here now.
~ Agamemnon after his camp was attacked by Trojans.
I'm glad you scheme for me, Odysseus. I will return at nightfall.
~ Agamemnon after agreeing to follow Odysseus' plans.


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