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I live only to defeat Damashigamis
~ presenting herself to Rinne

Ageha is one of supporting characters of Rin-ne anime/manga series. She is a Shinigami girl from a family of elite Shinigamis known for taking down Damashigamis.

She is voiced by Rie Murakawa who also voices Ram.


Ageha has long wild dark blue hair with a red bow on the left side of her head and also red eyes. She wears a light pink sailor uniform with a white collar with a single blue stripe, a pink ribbon and white and blue stripes at the tips of the sleeves, and also thigh length white socks and red pumps with ribbons. She has a second bow that makes her visible to humans.


Air-headed, quick to assume, and not especially bright, Ageha causes trouble for just about everyone. She tends to act before she thinks, and often finds herself in some form of trouble because of it. She also throws her cash away freely without a second thought and falls prey to fake products sold by Damashigami and other fake salesmen. She does her best to catch Damashigami, though she fails a often. She is greatly ashamed of her elder sister, viewing her as a disgrace to their family for working for the Damashigami company.


She meets Rinne while investigating the Damashigami company, and unexpectedly, begins to have feelings for him after spending some time with him, and much to her disappointment, finds out that her sister willingly joined the Damashigami company for she fell in love with Rinne's father. She would keep trying to win Rinne’s affection many times in various ways, and still hunt Damashigamis although her attention for Rinne became her top priority. She is often shown to be jealous of Sakura, because she believes Sakura and Rinne have feelings for each other, though Sakura is initially jealous of her when she believes that Ageha and Rinne are dating.

Ageha and Renge also have disputes, back in grade school Ageha's overzealousness and stupidity often caused problems for pragmatic Renge. She hates it when her sister's betrayal is brought up, shown when she first meets Kain who insults her, and she meets Renge again who brings it up.


  • Ageha has a similar personality to Ayame from Inuyasha, and Shampoo and Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2.
  • Ageha looks strikingly familiar to Abi-Hime from Inuyasha.
  • She is also extremely rich.



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