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I'm not a sentimental man. I never cried once in my life. Not even when I was born. I slid out of my mother's fun-tunnel and said 'I've got work to do. Where's my gun?'
~ Agent Clappers

Agent Richard Clappers is a recurring hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is an FBI agent with really big testicles.

Agent Clappers temporarily became a villain, who worked for The Legion of Dooooom but he redeemed himself in the Season 2 finale when he found out there were nuclear weapons involved and he didn't want to do anything that bad.

He is voiced by Lance Reddick.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Big Ball Energy", Agent Clappers took the houndstooth meth case from Paradise P.D. and said he'd be taking care of it from then on. Later, when Karen was in the hospital after getting her face damaged, Agent Clappers rushed to her hospital bed with flowers to see if she was okay.
  • In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Agent Clappers continued to take care of the houndstooth meth case. When Randall broke into the FBI and ransacked the building, Agent Clappers knew something was up and he made Kevin wear a wire so he could catch his dad admitting to the crime so that he and his FBI buddies could later go and arrest him for his evil.
  • In "Operation: D.D.", Agent Clappers opted out of working for The Legion of Dooooom when he heard about the fact that they were using nuclear weapons. Fitz forced him to stay by threatening him with the defacement of his family photo. Agent Clappers helped Paradise P.D. escape from the holding cell so they could defeat The Legion of Dooooom. Agent Clappers tackled Fitz and attacked him. Sadly, when Clappers defeated Fitz, he saw that his family photo had been tainted by fingerprints and so he jumped out of the window to kill himself. On his way down to his death, Agent Clappers found out that he could have just removed the fingerprints for only one dollar but at this point, it was too late. Agent Clappers cursed his ironic death and presumably died when he hit the ground. Although it's possible he just landed in pizza sauce and survived.


  • Agent Clappers is a parody on Cedric Daniels from The Wire. He is voiced by the character's actor, Lance Reddick.
  • His first name is "Richard", as stated on Lance Reddick's Twitter.
    • This makes his full name roughly translate to "Penis Testicles".