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Agent "G" is one of the main characters of The House of the Dead video game series. His age and nationality are unknown, or are kept Top Secret by the AMS. However as this is not consistent with the other agents, this may not be the case.

All Weapons In Overkill, but his main sidearm are Browning PRO-9 In The House Of The Dead, Franchi Spas 12 (He uses the Semi-Auto Mode and Lisa Too) in THoTD III and Uzi in The House Of The Dead 4 Special.

It was hinted in the first game's manual that he is in fact a cyborg, though the third game disproves this because of his aging (possibly Sega just retconned the fact). James also notices G's bloodstains in the corner of a street during the second game. For the moment, what G actually is is unknown, but he is biological at the very least, with his aging and bleeding. He also possesses a very "digital" personality in the first game, though by the third game, this seems to have disappeared, and he acts very much like an ordinary human. This may be because of experience in life or just another recon.


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