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Agent Heidi
works for F.O.R.K., the Swedish sister organization of S.P.O.R.K. She pretended to be Hector Con Carne's secretary in order to get the secret plans from him, but is ultimately caught.


She is a stereotypical Swedish girl, with blonde braided pigtails and speaking in an exaggerated accent. However, she wears a very short dress, long rubber tights, white gloves with blue accents, and a heavy amount of make-up.


Although she works for the sister organization to SPORK, she treats Cod Commando as a rival, and does not want him to be the one to get the secret plans, and flushes him down the toilet to prevent him from getting in the way.

She is very seductive, and uses it to manipulate Hector, although she doesn't seem to understand that Hector and Boskov are separate entities (Hector even tries telling Heidi that Boskov's just his substitute body), and she tries to get Boskov to tell her how to open the safe, suggesting that she's fairly ditzy and unintelligent.


  • She may be a parody of a Femme Fatale Spy.
  • In the pilot Evil Con Carne, a visually similiar character can be seen sitting at the table of the United Nations.
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