Agent John Travis is a hero of the 2000 supernatural thriller, Bless The Child.
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He was played by Jimmy Smits.


A former seminary student, who found another way to fight the devil and became an FBI agent instead of a priest. Also an expert in ritual and occult-related crimes, investigates the murders the kids killed by Eric's cult and later takes Maggie's case to get Cody back and put an end to Eric and his cult. He discovers that Cody shares the same birthday as the murdered children and believes that this just merely the begininng of Eric's evil. He tells Maggie that he's investigated Eric and his organization before for harboring runaways and money laundering and tax fraud but nothing that would stick.

Later he investigates the murders of the homeless man and Cheri Post, he's able to infiltrate Eric and his cult at a house and satanic church. There he, Maggie, and other FBI agents attack Eric and his followers and rescue Cody and Jenna. When Eric is about to kill Cody he's stopped by Agent Travis, who shoots and kills the demonic cult leader and destroys his cult. At the end of the movie, he, Maggie, and Cody go to church.

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