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A demon stood in the doorway. The jaws hung wide, a mass of jagged death lining them. One hand ended in a spray of glistening points, the other in a smooth, hellish hook. The eyes crackled with a green glow, mouth frozen in a too-wide grin. It glistened with blood like a second skin.
~ Kramer’s description in "Like Clockwork".
You could have died! The fuck are you thinking? We work as a team for a fucking reason, we back each other up, we inform each other, we-
~ Kramer showing her concern for Harken in "Settling Tabs".

Agent Kramer is a character in the SCP Foundation Mythos. She is an ex-member of the Church of the Broken God and Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. who joined the Foundation as a special agent. She and Agent Harken are two of the main protagonists in the "Game Day" series, mostly appearing in "Game Day Phase 2: Contain".



Kramer was born to parents who were high members of the Church of the Broken God. Because of the Church's traditions, she was subjugated to painful mechanical augmentations which nearly resulted in her death several times. These augmentations included changing her body chemistry and replacing some of her body parts, including parts of her head with technology, and also installed some device in her brain to make her obedient to the Church’s priests. However, when she was twelve or thirteen, during a service in the Church at night, masked operatives of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. broke inside the Church in search of a 'relic' and began killing members of the Church, including Kramer’s parents, but spared her, since she told them she could help them get the church’s valuables. After stealing everything the church possessed, the mercenaries put the church on fire and made it seem that it was an accident, while taking Kramer to MC&D.

Seeing her as a valuable object, MC&D further augmented her, adding to her body subdermal armor, ocular implants and regularly replaced her limbs. They also modified her face augmentation so she could change her appearance. She was used by the aristocrats as their secret mercenary to kill certain people and was also often used as a sex slave. Eventually, during a breach event, she came across the SCP Foundation and took her chance to escape, by shooting her handlers and turning herself over to the Foundation.

SCP Foundation

Under their custody, the Foundation tried to question her, but due to a failsafe implemented by MC&D in the device of her brain, she suffered a stroke. After fixing her, they resumed the questioning, but after that was over they didn't know what to do with her and thought of listing her as an SCP.

However, Dr. Gears submitted a report on how she was inefficient and that they should instead improve her in order to use her to interact with other machine anomalies. She underwent some painful surgeries conducted by SCP-212, a large medical device that can 'improve' living tissue with various drastic changes such as implanting metal components, artificial organs, but often resulted in the deaths of half of its patients. However, after twelve surgeries were done by 212, the machine then refused to work on her, since it didn't see her as a human anymore. This caused her severe mental breakdown, becoming suicidal which forced her to do sessions with the site's psychologist Dr. Glass in order to stabilize her.

Then the Foundation again didn't know what to do with her anymore, until MTF Omega-7 was killed by SCP-076-2, prompting the Foundation to utilize Kramer as their special agent. She was paired by a personality profile system with a fellow agent, Agent Harken, who was previously a member of a squad, and together went on secret missions.

Game Day

When a mass containment breach happened at Site-17, both Kramer and Harken were sent to retrieve some stolen SCP objects. They at first went to a higher-up of MC&D, Liam Cutridge who was reluctantly working with Harken as part of a deal. However, after the deal was dissolved, Harken killed Cutridge using the chemicals from his cigarettes and together with Kramer proceeded to go to a UIU investigation site in order to keep them from going too deep in their research.

After sabotaging the car of one of the UIU agents working on the case to explode and seem like an accident, Kramer went solo to the Open Hands Outreach Center, a community of the Church of the Broken God which had taken several pieces belonging to the Broken God from the containment breach. She was able to enter the community's main chamber through a vent beside the air conditioner by dislocating some parts of her body. After that, she immediately began slaughtering almost all of the members of the church and after some minutes she confronted the helpless bishop Bronzon and decided to not kill him, but instead frame him for the carnage as a sacrifice he conducted for the Broken God by leaving a letter before she proceeded to cut the bishop's hands, tongue, eyes, and heart.

She then returned to the red minivan where Harken awaited her and together went to an apartment supported by the Foundation in a small, broken-down town as the sun set. While Kramer was resting, Harken was visited by Agent Scud. After Harken explained Kramer's story to him, he killed Scud since he betrayed the Foundation and began working for MC&D as a mole.

The next day, Kramer went to a store to buy some stuff, but while she was gone, MC&D's special agent, Boomer, was sent to attack Harken at the hotel. After the psychotic agent blew most of the hotel and severely beat Harken, he left when the authorities and ambulance arrived. Kramer witnessed the explosion from afar and returned to what was left of the hotel as fast as she could and used her face restructuring ability to make herself appear as an agent of the FBI and got Harken to their car without a problem. Upon arriving at Site 46 where Harken was patched up, the Foundation sent a robot to install a hidden camera on Boomer's current location in order to spy on him. After several days passed, Harken decided to lure some GOC operatives to Boomer's location by telling them that was SCP-353's current location, but that was in vain as Boomer escaped once again.

After that Kramer and Harken were sent to capture and retrieve SCP-953 from MC&D in China. However, Harken decided to secretly go and confront Boomer all on his own, while leaving a letter for Kramer telling her that he had a job to do and assuring her that things would be alright, much to Kramer's annoyance. Following the confrontation between Harken and Boomer which ended in Boomer exploding the entire building they were at, Harken called Kramer on his phone, and at first, she admonished him for his carelessness before he informed her of what transpired and confessing his love for her. Following that, both agents were sent to observe a hidden meeting point of the Church of the Broken God. After three days passed observing the place with no real activity going on, Kramer forced Harken to reveal to her how he joined the Foundation. He told her his story, how he was in the army before joining a Foundation squad and witnessing all of his team members being killed by SCP-106.


Not much is known of her full appearance, but it's mentioned that due to the Church's modifications her right eye, most of her right hand, her ears, and most of her teeth were replaced with metal and technology. Because of this, she possesses glowing oscilloscope eyes which can change from green to yellow and to white. She is also described as having thin fingers and thin hips. While attacking a community of the Church she was described as one hand ending in a spray of glistening points, while her other ended in a smooth hook.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the combined cybernetic modifications done by the Church of the Broken God, Marshall, Carter and Dark, and the SCP Foundation, Kramer possesses multiple joints in her fingers allowing her more range of movement, inch-long razor-edged blades under fingertips, which she retracts and can cut through multiple bodies, superhuman reflexes and agility, infrared vision and environment scanning thanks to her cybernetic eyes allowing her to see hidden individuals and threats, body dislocation which she uses to enter tight spaces, superhuman strength. She can change the structure of her facial bones in order to keep her identity secret, but causes her a lot of pain. She also possesses some sidearms with her and is seemingly more capable of using them than Harken.

However, as a result of her complicated modifications, she also possesses several weaknesses. The device installed in her brain forces her to obey to whoever it sees as her master and if tampered it would force Kramer to obey to that one individual with no real way of fighting back. It can also mess with her in other ways, as shown when she suffered a stroke due to MC&D’s tampering as a failsafe to keep her from telling anything to their enemies. When she uses her cybernetic enhancements too much, she would be forced to go to a temporary comatose state due to loss of energy. While in this state her body will go through a regenerative cycle which upon finishing allows Kramer to return to her full power.


Due to her traumatic past, Kramer is a deeply troubled individual. Most of the time she rarely shows any emotion, but often picks on her partner out of boredom. She is shown to be paranoiac, using her reflexes to immediately act to various stimuli.

She is also shown to be somewhat sadistic, as she apparently enjoyed slaughtering members of the Church of the Broken God without a second thought and showed no mercy to her enemies. Despite this, she is loyal to the SCP Foundation and their cause, and even though she is somewhat disrespectful towards Harken it is evident that she cares for him.


  • Agent Kramer is one of the few Foundation personnel, who were previously members of the Church of the Broken God. This also includes Senior Researcher Claude Montague from SCP-3444 who was raised in the Cogwork Orthodox Church.
  • The wife of author Dr. Gears, who created the character, had joined the SCP Wiki site under the username Agent Kramer.
  • A Foundation agent named Kathryn Kramer who possesses a cybernetic eye is seen working as a member of MTF Sigma-29 in Eventide, Oregon. It is unknown if the two characters are related or not.


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