Agent Peter Burke is one of the main protagonist in White Collar. Burke is an excellent FBI agent in white collar division, his biggest bust was arrest a con-man named Neal Cafferrty.  Neal escaped from jail, when he was about to be released from jail.  To find his girlfriend Kate, but she left him a note that she dumped him.  Peter found him and send him back to jail.  Neal made a deal with Peter, that he takes on as FBI consultant in the white collar division for a work release program.  Peter was reluctant at first, but gives in and let him out of jail.  Peter and Neal became partners and Neal helps him track down a lot of white collar criminals for him.  With the help of their friend Mozzie, these two guys became fast friends.


Peter is an FBI agent in the white-collar crimes unit. He is a straight arrow, as well as hard-working to his profession. Likewise, Peter is dedicated to his wife, like many cops, but he actually manages to make it up to her when the job gets in the way.


Peter is very close the men and women under his command, and many characters point out that he treats Neal like a surrogate son. This is demonstrated in the series finale, where Peter is more content delivering coffee to his teams on stakeout rather than take a lucrative post in Washington D.C. Also, he is shown to have proficiency in a number of fields that even surprises Neal, such as being an experienced horse rider, skilled enough at baseball to have been a potential major-leaguer, and possessing a very prestigious accounting degree.

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