Agent Venom (real name Flash Thompson) is a former bully and a fan of Spider-Man from Ultimate Spider-Man. Originally named  the Scarlet Spider, Flash Thompson is bonded with the Venom Symbiote which turns him into Agent Venom in which he fights for justice. He is one of the main protagonists from Ultimate Spider-Man franchise.

Flash Thompson is a young Caucasian teenage boy who has a muscular build, blonde hair and green eyes.

He wears his school's football uniform, with a Spider-Man shirt underneath tucked inside his light blue pants, and a black belt with a bronze clasp.

Flash Thompson started as an bully to Peter Parker, but he turns nice and becomes friend with him and their schoolmates. Flash is unaware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Before he became Agent Venom, Flash started as The Scarlet Spider which he fights the Venomized beings who wreak havoc in New York City.

After he became Agent Venom, he manages to save Spider-Man from an criminal who wreaks havoc in High School. As Agent Venom, Flash has an hungry appetite when an criminal tries to attack him.

Agent Venom manages to foil the criminal with the help from Spider-Man and helped this latter to protect New York from Carnage and Anti-Venom who wreck havoc and infect people.

After Carnage and Anti-Venom are destroyed, Agent Venom, helped by Spider-Man and Harry Osborn manages to clean the Carnage's mess in New York by working together.


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