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Agent Woolfe is the deuteragonist of the Vimeo short film, Freedom Reigns.


He first appears pulling Arnold Freedom in a hallway and shushing him, so the henchman who chasing him woils not hear them. Then she temporarily defeats him by knocking him out. She is then told by Steven that he knows her well and that he wrote her in his screenplay. She then gets confused and surprised by what he said, but that does not stop her from convincing him to hide with her. She then takes him to a dimly lit room, which where Steven knew they were going. While hiding out, she tells Steven that she was sent to protect him from Guns. She then asks Steven if he knows where he could possibly be. After admitting he cannot remember, she tells him that she needs him to try his hardest. He then asks her a few questions about him actually being Arnold Freedom. She says she knows she is and the freedom is also a passion that drive a cause. She then says the passion he has towards stopping Guns is what makes him a reality. He then calls her a wise and intelligent character. At first gets confused, but Steven apologizes and says that it actually was a compliment. She then gets it and thanks him, but she the tells him to focus and asks him where Guns is. He then remembers that Guns enters a dimly lit room in his script. Alarmed, they look towards the door, only to see Guns and his henchmen enter the room. She along with Steven get held hostage by the henchman. Steven tries to tell her that she has nothing to be scared of that Guns is just acting. However, Guns yells at Freedom and kills Agent Woolfe by strangling her. After Steven and his friends are gathered to see the "film" Steven supposedly made, her unnamed real-life counterpart is shown with the others. She later leaves with Steven's friends.


  • Aside from her unnamed real-world counterpart, she is the only female character in the film.
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