Agitha is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Agitha is the self-proclaimed "Princess of Bugs," but she is not truly a member of any royal family. She lives in her "castle" in the western thoroughfare of Hyrule Castle Town, and is a collector of Golden Bugs. According to her card in the official trading card deck, as well as Nintendo's guide book, she is ten years old.


Agitha is an odd, but kind ten-year-old girl going by the self-proclaimed title of the Princess of Insects who wandered into the battlefield from the Twilight Era. When she came under attack from the Dark Forces, she was saved by Lana; in her gratitude, she gives her a Goddess Butterfly to lead her to the Gate of Souls.


Agitha's weapon is the Parasol. While she does use it to strike enemies, she will also utilize the various bugs she has collected, including Light-elemental butterflies and a Lightning-charged beetle. Her weapon is considered Light for purposes of elemental damage.

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