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That's nice!
~ Agnes Brown's most famous quote, and catchphrase

Agnes Loretta Brown also known as Mrs. Brown is the widow of Redster, the mother of Cathy, Mark, Rory, Trevor and Dermot, mother-in-law of Betty and Maria, grandmother of Bono, John, George and Ringo, the daughter-in-law of Harold "Grandad" Brown, and is the main protagonist of the Mrs. Brown's Boys franchise (which includes stage shows, straight to DVD films, tv shows and a film called Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie). She also appears as a character in the 2022 Netflix film A Madea Homecoming, where she is shown to have great-nephew in America called Davi (who is the grandson of her brother-in-law (either Terry or an unnamed brother of Redser)).

She is a foul-mouthed matriarch who lives in the town of Finglas in Ireland. She is mostly seen at her house with her family, hanging out with her best friend and neighbour Winnie McGoogan or spending time at the local pub Foley's.

She is played by Brendan O'Carroll.


Agnes is completely out of touch with modern day technology (such as searching for the "any key off a computer when asked to type any key info a computer) and she makes virtually no attempt in getting in touch. She is also overbearing towards the members of her family, and even people who are not such as "Mick" when she outright asked him if he was having sex with her daughter.

Agnes possesses a motherly instinct and would always look out for her children especially if they were in crisis however she doesn't really look out for Granddad (her husband's father), normally quipping him with sharp insults and on one occasion tired to kill him so that she could collect his death certificate and not be sent to prison on counts of fraud. She normally mocks her dead husband Redser Brown however presumably they dearly loved each when they married young but silently whisked away over the years.

Agnes doesn't show a lot of interest in sex she normally thinks she's past that as "(her) legs have been together longer than The Rolling Stones." She is also clueless towards other sexual performances (thinking that fellatio is singing opera and that a blowjob is a currency of 20 pounds). As the series progressed Agnes showed more interest in sex and on one occasion hired a male prostitute.


  • Agnes first appeared as a character in 1992 for Irish radio station RTÉ 2fm. She later appeared in the books The Mammy, The Chisellers, The Granny, and The Young Wan, the former of which was adapted into a film in 1999 called Agnes Browne, where Agnes was portrayed by Anjelica Huston.