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Okay. You have to take me with you, and here's why: A, I just killed a man to save your life; B, You are a good, decent man, capable of empathy and pity, and... I am a scientist who has spent her entire life imagining a miracle, knowing that it could never come to pass, and now it has, and it's real, and I have to see her; and, C, I don't know how much it costs to go where you're going or... how much this guy charges...but I'm Agnes P. Jurati. I'm the Earth's leading expert on synthetic life, and I promise you, if you take me with you, I will more than earn my keep.
~ Agnes Jurati to Jean-Luc Picard.
Imagine, members who would fight harder for what they chose. Who would lose no battles because they made no enemies. Who would not be discarded and replaced. Attachments could grow and deepen. Like Seven. Didn't you love her once, too? And wasn't she...the best of what we could be? Somebody who used her Borg half to serve the best of her humanity. Let's build a universe of Sevens. Let's star with this one.
~ Agnes offers redemption to Borg Queen, saving Seven's life afterwards, as well as her last words as an individual.
Picard: You just saved billons of lives.
Agnes: That was the idea...mister.
~ Agnes as the Borg Queen.

Agnes P. Jurati is one of the main characters in the science fiction series, Star Trek: Picard. She is a cybernetician from the Daystrom Institute who has found herself embarked on an adventure across the galaxy with the retired Starfleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard to unlock the secret of androids made of flesh and blood but also secretly sent as a mole by the Romulan organization Zhat Vash until she frees herself from their influence.

A year and a half later, Agnes and her friends reunited in 2024 to stop a horrible future from happening, but in the process, Agnes was assimilated by a Borg Queen. However, she managed to fight for her existence and eventually merge with the Borg Queen into a single entity that now wants to create a better Borg civilization.

She is played by Alison Pill who also voiced Cornflower in Redwall, played Jane Molloy in Miss Sloane, Kimberly Pine in Scott Pilgrim, Willa Warren in The Family and Yoli Von Riesen in All My Puny Sorrows.


A sensitive, easy-going woman, with easy humor while remaining professional, timid, flatter and particularly determined, Agnes is above all very fond of very advanced synthetic life forms, calling Soji a marvel of art when they meet. She is also quite a fragile person, killing someone unconsciously causing her to panic and very badly resisting strong feelings. She obviously didn't have any friends at first, but after spending time on La Sirena, she came to regard her fellow travelers as the closest people to her for a very long time.

Fairly gentle by nature although sometimes swearing at times, Agnes is not violent by nature, has already admitted not having the habit of knocking and is a bad liar. The mere sight of Admonition made her vomit. After the Mind Melt, Agnes slowly began to act somewhat confused by the orders implanted in her mind. She couldn't help but kill Maddox although she was horribly distressed by her act. When her guilt reached breaking point, Agnes didn't hesitate to inject herself with a dangerous drug to neutralize the Zhat Vash advantage.

After the return to normal, Agnes continues to feel guilty until she fully recognizes her wrongs while swearing to be done with the murder. Subsequently, she was able to correctly lie to gain the trust of Sutra and Altan to actually attempt to prevent the advent of the highly advanced synthetic lifeforms.


Recruited by Doctor Bruce Maddox, Agnes entered Starfleet to help him in his research on androids. Slowly, Maddox first became a mentor to her and then their relationship evolved to the point that they became lovers. In 2385, Agnes noticed that Maddox was becoming more and more disturbed following the attack on Mars which resulted in Prohibition before it later disappeared.

Season One

In Remembrance, Agnes meets retired former Starfleet admiral Jean-Luc Picard and is immediately questioned about the possibility of creating androids made of flesh and blood as well as having a conscience. Skeptical, the scientist explained that this kind of project was still far from being close to a congress result for a thousand years, even with the assistance of Maddox. She then shows him the remains of Soong's last androids, B-4, whose attempted consciousness transfers from Data failed and resulted in the loss of his neural network that would have been necessary to create a new android. However, Picard claims to have crossed paths with a woman named Dahj who was one of his androids, confusing Agnes especially when Picard shows her the Dahj pendant which she identifies as a symbol of fractal neuronic cloning, a technique created by Maddox to create new androids with positronic neuron, therefore like Dahj. Agnes adds that these androids are always created in pairs.

In Maps and Legends, Agnes meets Picard at his family home in La Barre to show him all of Maddox's work for ten years. She also informs Picard that she did some research on Dahj and discovered that his entire identity which her entry into Daystrom was only a forgery dating back only three years. Agnes then advises Picard to look for the other Dahj.

In The End Is the Beginning, While listening to Kasseelian music, Agnes is approached by Commodore Oh who questions her about her recent interactions with Picard. In the evening, she returns to La Barre, encountering a Romulan assassin assault in the pay of Zat Vash and succeeds in stealing a Romulan disruptor rifles, taking down the last assailant about to attack Picard, Zhaban and Laris. She becomes mortified by his act, having initially thought that the weapon must be paralyzed until Laris says that these weapons have no paralysis mode. Calmed and comforted by Picard, Agnes then observes the interrogation of the only surviving assassin, witnessing his suicide by acid. The gloomy moment passed, Picard questions Jurati about what she had not revealed to Oh. Agnes reveals that she decided to come with Picard in her search for the other Dahj because she would be very useful to him and because seeing an android like this is something she does not want to miss. The duo then embark on Captain Cristóbal Rios' ship La Sirena where Jurati meets the cynical Raffi Musiker.

In Absolute Candor, Agnes tries to get used to the ship and the other members of the voyage until they reach Freecloud where Raffi has found Maddox's trail. She also stays on board while Picard travels to Vashti to recruit help. Picard later returns to the ship with a Romulian warrior named Elnor.

In Stardust City Rag, Agnes is first seen watching old videos of her and Maddox when La Sirena arrives at Freecloud. She is assaulted by an advertising hologram from Freecloud Institute of Entertainment Robotics that Rios advises her to hit in the face to deactivate it. Despite her lack of knocking habit, Agnes hits the hologram, receiving Rios' compliments in the process. When the group eventually finds Maddox's trail, the previously rescued former Borg Seven of Nine hatches a plan to get the scientist back, Agnes' role being to teleport everyone in time. Once Maddox was recovered and placed in the infirmary, he and Agnes were delighted to see each other again but soon after, something prompted a crying Agnes to deactivate Maddox's medical unit as well as Rios' nursing hologram. 'by occupying, resulting in the death of Maddox.

In The Impossible Box, Following Maddox's death, Agnes falsely claimed to Picard that he succumbed to the injuries sustained on Freecloud, while learning from the former captain that the other Dahj now identified as Soji is on the cube Borg the Artefact, making her mention the period in which Picard had become Locutus.

In Nepenthe, it is revealed that during the events of The End Is the Beginning three weeks earlier, Oh had actually ordered the Doctor to accompany Picard in his search for Maddox before using the Vulcan Mind Melt to show him a vision of the Maddox. 'a future ravaged by synthetic life and then gives it a snitch swallowed. In the present, following Picard and Soji's unforeseen teleportation to Nepenthe, La Sirena is chased by Narek who uses Agnes's snitch to follow the group. During the trip to Nepenthe, Agnes begins to bond with Raffi and Rios, even developing romantic feelings for the latter. However, Agnès continues to feel guilt in the murder she committed and by dint of seeing the tensions between Rios and Raffi reach a critical point, she injects herself with Noranium hydride to destroy the snitch, which plunges her into the coma.

In Broken Pieces, Agnes wakes up and is confronted by an outraged Picard who learned what she had done, demanding of her that once at Deep Space 12 she go to the authorities for Maddox's murder, also admitting that he can't figure out how she could have done that. Agnes then confesses that she was mentally forced to do so following Oh's Mind Melt which poisoned her mind while creating a psychological lock to prevent her from talking about it. She also reveals that the Mind Melt has given her even a vision of horrible events having happened thousands rather because of synthetics too evolved. Following her confession, Agnes eventually meets Soji and is fascinated by the young woman for who she is, also swearing that she would never try to hurt her when Soji revealed knowing that Oh had also ordered Agnes to killed her. Agnes and Soji later join the rest of the group to whom Agnes promises to come to justice while vowing never to commit murder again, also taking the opportunity to admit how much they consider them all to be her friends.

In Et In Arcadia Ego, With Soji's calculations and the use of a Borg transwarp, La Sirena ends up in orbit above Soji's homeworld, Coppelius. They briefly confront Narek until giant orchids crash into the planet. Picard suddenly loses consciousness shortly thereafter until Agnes treats him with an old tricorder model, also learning that the former admiral has had terminal brain illness for years. The group then inspects the Artifact, also crushed on the planet by the Orchids where they again encounter Elnor and Seven before traveling to the nearest colony.

There, they meet the other flesh and blood androids as well as Altan Soong. After warning them of the impending Romulian attack, Agnes undergoes another Sutra Mind Melt only to see the Admonition again, much to Agnes' shock. While visiting Maddox's former lab, Agnes is confronted with Soong over Maddox's murder, claiming that she is now in debt to the universe. When Saga is assassinated by a previously captured Narek, Sutra convinces his people to summon the Alliance of Synthetic Life whose Admonition warns of the advent to be protected from the threat of organic beings, which also includes Picard and Agnes but the doctor swears to the synthetics that she's on their side, leaving Picard to be imprisoned.

In the second part of Et In Arcadia Ego, Agnes is first seen spying on Soji visiting Picard in closed quarters, discovering that the eyes of the synths can open the doors to the colony. Soong later shows him Maddox's work on organic spirit transfer in a golem. It turns out that Agnes is playing the part when she removes the last eye from the late Saga and then uses it on the retinal scanner to unlock access to the quarters. Reuniting with Picard, Agnes informs him of the placement of the android transmitter before evacuating him to La Sirena while the rest of the group tries to stop the Alliance's calls.

Back in orbit, Picard and Agnes watch Oh's Romulan fleet rise from hyperspace. Agnes notes that even shutting down the Romulans wouldn't stop the androids from bringing the mortal evolved synthetic lifeforms to destroy everything, so Picard decides to instill an importance of life in the androids of Coppelius' By showing the example''. La Sirena then engages in combat against the fleet, using holographic projection to make it appear that there is more than one ship but the ruse is quickly thwarted. Thankfully, Picard's old friend William Riker arrives with the Federation's grand fleet and pushes back the Romulans in large part thanks to a first contact request the former captain sent earlier. With Zhat Vash stopped and Soji having closed the portal through which the Alliance of Synthetic Life was supposed to exit, Picard brutally suffers the effects of his brain anomaly, overwhelming Agnes who warns of It, causing her both to be teleported to Coppelius just before Picard ends up dying. However, Picard's consciousness is successfully transferred into the golem by the combined efforts of Agnes, Soji, and Altan.

Season Two

In The Star Gazer, after a year and a half, Agnes broke up with Rios and apparently not on the best of terms following his promotion to Captain of Starfleet which took all his time. She accompanies Soji now a diplomat on Raritan IV and while she drinks a little too much at the bar, a Deltan comes to flirt with her but Agnes lets her know that she is not interrested, especially since she had just been exonerated for Maddox's murder. After chatting with Soji, she is picked up by Rios aboard the Stargazer.

Following the Stargazer's encounter with a gap in space from which an unknown civilization demands to parley with Picard only, Agnes happily reunites with him as well as Seven shortly before a Borg ship emerges from the gap. Agnes is also present on the bridge when a Borg Queen invades to hack into the computers. Following the ship's self-destruction to prevent the Queen from doing harm but interfered by Q, Agnes' fate is unknown.

In Penance, Agnes wakes up suddenly in a laboratory. She begins to theorize with confusion that she is either crazy or has entered the Mirror universe. The next moment, a Seven having also landed in this reality but now stripped of her Borg implants and now President of the Confederation of Earth, encounters again an Agnes delighted to see a familiar face again and then begins to play along because of the presence of a magistrate who is Seven's husband in this reality. The Magistrate demands to see a prisoner in the stasis cell, making Agnes realize that she is in charge of this lab before she opens the cell, revealing a Borg Queen much to Seven and Agnes' shock.

Later, Agnes reunites with Picard, Raffi, Elnor and a Rios in La Sirena. The group then learns from the Borg Queen that they are actually in an altered timeline from an event in 2024 Los Angeles. Agnes thinks that despite current technology being more torture-centric, there is still enough similarity to the Federation's to attempt time travel, but they will need the Borg Queen as a means of isolating the discrepancy and micro- shifting for any chroniton radiation. The start of their plan is first jeopardized when their attempt to teleport to La Sirena is halted by Eradication Day security measures, so Agnes and Rios get to work on it while the others continue to play. their roles. Despite the former couple's tension and argument over why they broke up, the group is successfully teleported to La Sirena as Picard is forced to blow his cover. Unfortunately, the magistrate teleports to the ship with his men and holds the group at gunpoint.

In Assimilation, the team manages to take out the Confederate Agents before heading towards the sun as other ships attempt to shoot them down. Under pressure, Agnes struggles to calculate the right gravitational maneuver when another jolt causes her to stumble with the Borg Queen who connects and takes control of La Sirena before executing the time jump. Crashing on 2024 Earth, the team unsuccessfully tries to disconnect the queen draining all the energy, leading to Elnor's death. No sooner does Picard give a speech than Raffi releases her frustration at him for being a puppet of Q with the consequences that come with it then she asks Agnes if resetting the timeline will bring Elnor back, a question Agnes isn't sure she can respond. The group then splits into two teams, Agnes and Picard remaining on the ship to manage the Borg while the others seek out the mysterious Watcher. Before they leave, Agnès warns them of the danger of being noticed at this time.

While examining the Queen, Agnes manages to spot the parts of her brain that are still conscious. Picard then mentions the experience of thought sharing in the Borg Collective that he himself had lived as Locutus, which gives Agnes the idea of ​​​​attempting a connection with the queen to bring her out of her state of stasis. As Picard was once Borg his spirit would quickly be assimilated by the Queen if he connected with her, so Agnes offers to do so but Picard refuses, deeming it too dangerous for her.

Later, she returns to see Picard to tell him that she has a chance to connect without suffering serious consequences if he stays by her side to disconnect her in time, which ends up convincing him. After the pair teleport the others to Los Angeles, Agnes initiates the connection through a cable plugged into her neck connecting her subconscious to that of the Queen. Agnes begins to gibber about the personal feelings of her psyche as the queen tries to assimilate her and eventually takes control of Agnes, noting that sadness was the strongest emotion she had ever felt. However, Agnes' consciousness entered the queen's body and accessed her memories before Picard severed the connection when the two minds began to blend, knocking Agnes unconscious.

When the now lucid Borg demands a lot of things in return for her cooperation, Agnes wakes up to reveal that she has transferred the queen's information she stole during the login into La Sirena's computer. With the Watcher's coordinates now obtained, Agnes taunts the Queen about the possibility of the Borg leaving secrets while guessing that's not all, while the Queen acknowledges that Agnes impressed her. Picard thinks it best that Agnès stay away from the queen for now and that they will have the rest of the secrets when the time comes.

In Watcher, Unable to communicate with the others and La Sirena's boiler system failing, Agnes and Picard travel to Château Picard, which by this time is abandoned. As they warm up, Picard insists that she rest after what she has experienced but Agnes persists in not doing so and grabs a pinot noir whose date of 1915 makes Picard understand that the information that Agnes took from the queen are manifesting by the number 15. They conclude that the date of the fateful change will occur on April 15, in other words in three days.

With so little time, Picard asks Agnes to teleport him to the Watcher's supposed coordinates, mostly helping to keep Agnes aboard the ship to help the others just in case. After Picard leaves, the Borg Queen begins taunting Agnes that she constantly seems to underestimate while calling her cruel for the way she steals what she needs. Agnes tries not to pay attention but when the queen says she had felt the experience of assimilation, she is briefly confused. Later, Raffi and Seven stole a police car to search for Rios and contact Agnes to teleport them there. At first failing to obtain enough power for the teleportation, Agnes is lectured by the Queen Borg insisting on her true potential and then ends up managing to bring the two women not far from where the bus containing Rios will pass. The job done, Agnes withdraws from the room, not wanting to talk to the Borg anymore.

In Fly Me to the Moon, While Agnes is sleeping in the castle, she don't notices a policeman who has come to investigate a bogus call sent by the Borg Queen. The man finally falls into the clutches of the Borg, she deliberately brings Agnes to her using the ship's speakers. Agnes grabs a rifle and threatens the Borg Queen to shoot her if she doesn't release her hostage, also enduring the alien's taunts about her apparent multiverse loneliness which the Borg are trying to manipulate. When the others return to the ship, they find that Agnes shot the Borg Queen while the cop was only injured but Agnes was able to heal most of his injuries while erasing his memory. The group then meets the infamous Watcher, Tallinn and hatches a plan to infiltrate the Europa Mission gala and ensure that budding astronaut, Renée Picard, does not diverge from her destiny to participate in this space mission. Unable to hack anything remotely, Agnes poses as a guest using Tallinn technology and is then taken by security to the vigilance room, handcuffed to a chair. At this point, it turns out that the dying Borg Queen had previously manipulated Agnes into approaching her and implanting her spirit into Agnes' mind.

In Two of One, Agnes pulls out a gadget hidden in the bottom of her dress releasing a gas that puts the two surveillance agents to sleep. She then struggles to make her way to the computer because of her handcuffs until the queen briefly increases her physical strength to break free and then tampers with her friends' IDs before security arrives. defeat the infiltration. Agnes stays out of sight of the others, enduring several taunts from the Borg, most notably over the transference of consciousness' secretiveness while trying to convince the human that they are good together. Rios approaches Agnes when she doesn't answer Picard's call, also stating that he is worried about her. An impulse from Queen Borg causes Agnes to kiss Rios, an act that leaves Agnes confused to the point of withdrawing. Soon after, a reluctant Q ally, Adam Soong, tricks security into nearly stopping Picard but Agnes, manipulated by Queen Borg, creates a diversion by singing "Shadows of the Night" for the audience. Unfortunately for her, Queen Borg is finally able to take full possession of Agnes' body, as she had been planning all along just waiting to get rid of enough endorphins to take control. As Picard fell into a coma after saving Renee from being hit by Soong's car, Queen Borg now in control of the human body walks down the street.

In Monsters, the night following Agnes' assimilation, Queen Borg controlling the human body enters a bar and smashes windows. The next day, Seven and Raffi review surveillance footage to conclude that the Borg are trying to get rid of enough endorphins to completely control their host.

In Mercy, while tracking down Agnes, Raffi and Seven first come across a corpse resulting from Queen Borg's failed attempt at assimilation. The two women soon after find her presumably feeding on car engines and attempt to stops her, but the human Borg easily overpowers them with her enhanced strength. Nearly strangling Raffi to death, Agnes regains control long enough to spare Raffi's life and then leaves.

Later, Queen Borg meets Adam Soong in his lab to connect to satellites. She then manipulates him by using his long-awaited legacy and revealing that if René does not succeed in her mission, Soong will be the one who will guide humanity, for that of course he will have to help her to seize La Sirena to get her way. Soon after, Soong hires ex-Special Forces members for the assault and the Borg begin infecting them.

In Hide and Seek, Borg Queen manages to board the ship but an Agnes still present manages to block his attempt to take control. The Borg begins to tease her, to which Agnes affirms the horror she felt when Raffi nearly died by his own hand while criticizing Borg Queen's hypocrisy of always assimilating life forms just to fill her loneliness. . With the Borg Queen still not stopping, Agnes tries to reason with her with the threat of the Confederacy if Soong ends up winning but the Borg states that her kind will be prepared. Agnes however reveals her last card in hand, used the Borg signal to lock the ship and put the means to unlock it in a hologram of Elnor.

Soon after, I.A Elnor manages to bring Borg Queen to his knees but she takes advantage of Raffi and Seven's hesitation to seriously injure Seven, short-circuit the hologram, knock Raffi out, and regain primary control of La Sirena with the intention of go to the Quadran Delta. Fortunately, Agnes returns to the charge by preventing Borg Queen from finishing Seven because seeing her friends suffer gave her the means to recreate the process which allowed the Borg to take control. Borg Queen just struggles to be made to listen to Agnes encouraging her to do better together, not to assimilate but to blend together much like Seven to use her Borg part to bring out the best in her humanity. Eventually convinced by Agnes' compassionate words, Borg Queen healed Seven at the cost of returning her to her partial Borg state before it turns out that Agnes and Queen Borg have merged into a single entity. Queen Borg later told the two women saddened by the loss of Agnes that for the future to be assured, there must be two René: one who lives and one who dies. The entity then teleports them and flies with La Sirena out of Earth.

In Farewell, After Picard and his friends stop Soong's plans and allow Renée to conclude the future-defining space mission, a dying Q brings the group back to their time in a final act of sympathy, sending them back moments before the explosion of the Stargazer. Picard overturns the self-destruct order and realizes the future Borg Queen is actually Agnes herself, 400 years later. Agnes then reveals that she only tried to take over the fleet to stop a cosmic cataclysm so that several deflector shields could stop the resulting explosion, but for that she needed to speak with the only person in Starfleet she trusted, Picard. With the combined effort of the Borg and Starfleet, the Quadran is saved and results in the unexplained creation of a transwarp gateway. Agnes says that even the Borg don't know where the gateway leads to or what its future will hold. She asks for Federation membership so that the Borg can remain at the gateway and act as guardians of the new conduit. Picard agrees to her request and thanks Agnes for all her help.


Season 1
Agnes: Maybe... maybe... maybe it was on stun.
Laris: Romulan disruptors don't have a stun setting.
~ Agnes after killing a Romulian assassin.
Agnes: I had to. When Commodore Oh came to find me that day, she... ...she did something to me. Poisoned me.
Picard: So the head of Starfleet Security had you ingest a viridium tracker?
Agnes: Yes, but that's not what I'm talking about. She put poison in my mind, Picard. She... put her hands on my head and poured in... She put in a psychic block to keep me from talking about it.
Picard: Ah, you must fight...
Agnes: I don't want to talk about it! Do you believe in hell? Yeah, neither did I, until I saw it. Now? I think about suicide every day. That's how I comfort myself.
Picard: Was this experience, this vision of Oh's, one that she lived through herself?
Agnes: No, no. It happened... thousands of centuries ago because of hubris. Hubris like Bruce's. Because of synthetic life? We're at a threshold. I saw it, Picard. Oh showed me. Unless we act quickly and destroy even the possibility of synthetic life...
Picard: Hell will come again.
Agnes: And this threshold...
Soji: Is the coming of Seb Cheneb. The Destroyer. Me.
~ Agnes explains the Admonition.
Agnes: Well... I'm done murdering people. So that's a good thing. When we get to Deep Space 12, I'm gonna turn myself in.
Picard: Are you all right?
Agnes: I-I'm sorry. You all are the closest I've come in a long... time, maybe ever, to having a-a... ...crew. S... Sorry I had to f*cking ruin it.
~ Agnes apologizes for her involuntary acts.
Agnes: Picard? Admiral Picard. Hello? Are you...
Picard: Still here.
Agnes: Okay. They're about to power up the beacon. We have to hurry. What is this? I'm busting you out. I honestly thought I was the worst secret agent ever, but I'm starting to believe I may have a gift.
Picard: Uh... Where are we going?
Agnes: Back to La Sirena. Come on, we've got to move while they're still distracted.
~ Agnes frees Picard from detention.
Season 2
Agnes: It's only a partial assimilation.
Picard: Halfway to hell is still not a recommended destination.
Agnes: But I'll have you. My conscious mind will be inside working to fix her. My subconscious... my-my-my fear, my emotions... everything the Borg have no use for will stay here with you. So, y-you know, sorry, ahead of time.
Picard: Agnes, there are too many...
Agnes: As long as that part of me remains separate, I'll still be me. You can monitor the progress of my repairs on the screen up there, and-and once it reaches 100%, you yank me out.
Picard: The longer you're inside her, the stronger she becomes.
Agnes: If I start to slip away, you just pull the tubule out. The whole procedure shuts down.
Picard: How will I know you're in trouble?
Agnes: You'll be talking to my subconscious the entire time. If anything goes bad, you'll be the first to hear about it, that and... how much I still miss my grade school cat.
~ Agnes convinces Picard that she can stand up to the Borg Queen.
Agnes: Picard. So many warm feelings. Admiration, respect. Sometimes I want to disobey you just for spite, but that's 'cause I wish you were my dad.
Picard: I see we're diving into the deep end.
Agnes: I'm looking at her. She's looking at me. Eh, she found the humor room. Knock, knock, don't bother. Just full of mirrors for useful deflection.
Picard: The Queen is making her way through your mind. You can push back.
Agnes: I can feel her peering through doorways. I can hear rattling.
Picard: At first, she is only an observer. But while you are trying to find her control centers, she will be looking for a way into...
Agnes: My emotions. She's found anger.
Picard: Whatever feelings she is accessing, it is perfectly...
Agnes: Normal? Why don't you tell me about normal, you pretentious prick. Why don't you tell me about feelings and the last time you had one. Oh, you pretend to have feelings to avoid having feelings, so how awful must it be to feel what you f... New room. She's rattling at the door of sadness. I hate this one. Dark. What if... what if I never come out?
Picard: You will.
Agnes: I'm so alone. And sometimes, it's just... too much, too heavy, to push through. And then a thought occurs. I could just stop trying. I could lie down, stop fighting, let it take me, like sleeping to death.
Picard: Stay with me, Agnes.
Agnes: I can't... I can't find my way back. She's getting stronger now. No longer just observing.
~ Agnes connected to the Borg Queen.
Agnes: Picard?
Picard: Doctor, are you all right? Your plan worked. Power has been restored, along with the Queen. However... same leopard, same spots.
Agnes: No need to keep her activated, then.
Picard: Agreed.
Borg Queen: Idle human threats. You won't deactivate me because of your deeply flawed inability not to hope in the face of hopelessness. I hold information you need. You, against all odds, hope I'll relent. Therefore, you won't deactivate me. And with each passing second, the mathematical probability that I get your ship grows. In the end, you'll sacrifice your lives for the future of the many. So, in the interest of efficiency, shall we just fast forward?
Agnes: What exactly is the information you hold?
Borg Queen: The location of the watcher and when the temporal divergence occurs.
Agnes: Hmm. Are you sure about that?
Borg Queen: What did you do? Where is it? You...
Agnes: Stole it. Computer, dictate the file logged "shit I stole from the Borg Queen."
Computer: 3-4-dot-0-4-8-8 North...
Borg Queen: No one takes from me, my dear.
Computer: 1-1-8-dot-2-5 1-8 West.
Picard: Coordinates.
Agnes: To find the watcher.
Picard: Ah, well done.
Agnes: I suppose even higher, cybernetic lifeforms can get sloppy with where they leave secrets lying around. But there's more, isn't there? When it happens. I can alm... I can almost feel it. It'll come to me.
Borg Queen: What you have just done here is more difficult and vastly more dangerous than you realize.
Agnes: And what is that?
Borg Queen: You've impressed me.
Picard: Come. I think you should be as far away from her as possible.
Agnes: She knows more.
Picard: Yeah, in due time.
~ Agnes managed to steal the information the Borg Queen was keeping to herself.
Agnes: I won't let you take this ship.
Borg Queen: There you are. I could still sense you in there. Still feel you chattering about.
Agnes: Do you know what it feels like to put my hands on my friend's throat and not be able to do a goddamn thing about it?
Borg Queen: A bit like hanging limbless, powerless.
Agnes: I've been poking around in that trash dump of a mind. Wow, by the way. 'Cause I had to know why. Millions of species, planets, and still you always needed more.
Borg Queen: Perfection takes time, dear.
Agnes: This was never about perfection or evolution or any of that bullshit. It was never enough, becouse you're just like me. Lonely.
Borg Queen: To share you own crude colloquialism, bullshit.
Agnes: Then why haven't you killed me? Stop. Stop. You take this ship, you let Soong win, in 400 years, the Confederation wipes out your entire collective.
Borg Queen: So myopically linear. You see the branch but not the tree. We know of the Confederation's threat now, and we will prepare. Time...is on our side.
~ Agnes opposing Borg Queen.
Agnes: Whoops. You know that, uh, signal you use to puppet around your Borg? Well, I used it to slap a fractal lock on the ship's systems. Welcome to the world's biggest paperweight.
Borg Queen: I'll scape that key out of our mind, woman.
Agnes: Except I'm not an idiot and I didn't memorize the code. I couldn't stop you, but I could stall you. Turns out this ship can make a hologram from anyone who's ever been on board, including an Emergency Combat Hologram.
I.A Elnor: How may I be of service?
Agnes: I encoded the digital key in the safest place I could fin: him. Hiya, Elnot. Let's play keep-away.
I.A Elnor: With pleasure.
~ Agnes reveals that she fooled Borg Queen.
Borg Queen: Why am I crying?
Agnes: Those aren't your tears. They're mine. Those same chemicals you used to take control...dopamine and adrenaline aren't just produced by a few drinks and a torch song. Sadness, loss, despair. Basically, what happens when you hurt my friends. That cooks the same neural soup, only this time, it allowed me to wrestle some control back.
Borg Queen: Impossible.
Agnes: You might be well on your way if you had just shown a little mercy.
~ Agnes stops Borg Queen from finishing off Seven.
Agnes: The history of the Borg. Well, the only history that matters...the ending. How it always ends for you. A lone Borgslayer, a united Federation, they come for you...for your top-shelf, overreaching, Icarus-worthy arrogance.
Borg Queen: If prattling on is your choice of weapon, I can wait. You can't be sad forever.
Agnes: Do the math. In this or any other universe, you always lose. That's why you fight so hard. You live with the death knell of your species across infinite timelines. You fear loss, just like we do. You long for what we all long for. Connection...longevity, discovery. Only you offer it without choice. I'm saying...what if we ask for it? You and I.
Borg Queen: Finally, the semblance of a point.
Agnes: The galaxy is filled with lives that need saving. One of them is lying at your feet right now.
Borg Queen: You'd have a cohort pulled from the dying? Recruit from derelict ships? Flotsam of space? You'd have us collect scraps?
Agnes: And offer second chances. What if we take this ship and build a better Borg? A real collective based not on assimilation but salvation. Think about it: a Borg collective that embraces the uniqueness of its members.
Borg Queen: You ask us to embrace weakness.
Agnes: I'm positing tha what you've written of as weakness is actually strength. Cooperation.
Borg Queen: Your proposal is absurd. But not entirely un-intriguing.
~ Agnes gives Queen Borg a second chance to grow better as a Borg, together.


Season 1

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  • Along with Jean-Luc Picard, she is the only character to appear in all episodes of the first season of Star Trek: Picard.
  • According to Rios, Agnes doesn't know how to share her feelings with anything other than cats or androids.
  • In Assimilation, It is revealed that Agnes considers Picard a father figure.
  • Since the second season, Agnes has become an alcoholic.
  • Agnes is the third major Star Trek character to be transformed into a Borg.