Agumon is a Digimon from Haru Shinkai's Digimon Universe saved data. His Mega form is WarGreymon.

He is voiced by Chika Sakamoto also voiced Agumon from Adventure Series and Shoutmon from Digimon Xros Wars in Japanese Version.


He look like original Agumon but different light orange. He have green eyes.



A mysterious person, Uratekumon, summons many video game characters and tries to control them to locate Bootmon. Agumon manages to avoid being controlled and decides to save the other video game characters, bringing them back to their game worlds when they rampage. When he forcefully brings Watson Schneider back to the game world, Takeru Wato, Kenta, and Kouki, who watch the battle, mistake this to kidnapping. When Haru and Gatchmon enter Nakano Broadstreet's AR-Field, Agumon attacks them assuming they are enemies, until Gatchmon mentions Haru's Digimon Universe player name. Agumon celebrates his meeting with Haru, but then collapses from hunger.

Haru and Gatchmon inquire Agumon about what is happening, and Agumon tells them about the mysterious perpetrator of the rampages. Uratekumon then finds the trio and summons many final bosses to fight them. As Agumon is awed by Globemon, Agumon asks Haru to let him digivolve, and Agumon becomes WarGreymon, helping Globemon fight the final bosses and Uratekumon. After the battle, Agumon reunites the video game characters and as they all return to their game worlds, Haru and Agumon promise to meet again.


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