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Ahkmenrah without helmet

Ahkmenrah after Larry releases him.


Ahkmenrah is the pharaoh from Night at the Museum. Kamunrah is his elder brother. The tablet of Ahkmenrah is his and brings the exibits to life every night.

He was thought to be evil as he would bang on the lid of his coffin to get out. Which is why they never let him out. Instead, they put a stone slab on top to prevent his banging and screaming. He was in there 54 years before Larry Daley finally released him. He then helped them retreive the tablet (Which had been stolen by former night guards Cecil fredricks, Gus and Reginald.) and get everyone safely inside.

"You wouldn't believe how stuffy it is in there."

"You speak english?"

"Of course. I went to Cambridge university."

"You went to Cambridge?"

"Yes. I was on display in the egyptology department there. I am Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the four kings and ruler of the land of my fathers." ~ Ahkmenrah to Larry and Nick Daley after he is released.

Then he's seen in the second one, Battle of the Smithsonian, at the end. He's showing a tour group the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. Dexter is by the tablet.

Ahkmenrah: [gesturing to his Tablet] My parents gave me this tablet some 3,000 years ago. Entrusting me with one of my people's most prized possesions.
Girl 1: Does it do anything? Ahkmenrah: 'Do anything'?
Girl 2: Yeah, what's the point if it doesn't do anything? Ahkmenrah: [looks at Dexter who chatters, "'Tell em'"] Actualy, it has a magical power to bring all of the exhibits to life!
Girl 2: No, really, what's it do? Ahkmenrah: [stares at them] Nothing, it's just for decoration...
Girl 1: [wispering] I knew it.
Girl 2: Mmm-hmm.

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