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It's easier looking back, isn't it. The trick is seeing what lies ahead.
~ Ahri to Yasuo

Ahri is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, and one of the main protagonists in The Ruined King.

From an ancient Vastayan tribe known as the Vesani, Ahri wishes to atone for her soul-devouring nature, seeking out what remains of her people and fighting to teach her to control her powers, and to protect humans from a greater evil.

The 89th champion added in the game, Ahri was released on December 14, 2011, and is most commonly played in the mid lane.

She was voiced by Laura Post.


Ahri is a beautiful woman with the looks of a fox. She is a Kitsune and always wears rather revealing robes that resemble the one of a shrine amiden and a ninja. She has yellow glowing eyes.


Ahri is rather passively and empathetic woman, who after an incident with humans seems to understand that her actions were wrong and genuinely wished to atone herself. She can also be kind with kids and innocent people giving them food.


Ahri was abandoned by her original family in the snowy woods of northern Ionia, with the only thing they leave for Ahri were two gemstones. Joining a group of ice foxes for their own family, she learned her own magic (Be it to soothe others to not have a fight or more powerful blasts) and quick reflexes.

Ahri first encountered humans through a camp of soldiers, watching them from a distance and growing attacked in a hunter among the group. Upon an arrow piercing him and causing him to perish, Ahri absorbed the dying man's life force and emotions. Ever since then, she became transfixed on it, seeking out prey to toy with before consuming their life-force across Ionia.

Through this life force, she saw their lives and learned of their history as they laid dying, and grew remorseful over her actions. She tried to only do small bits of life force between times at first, but she soon fell victim to her urges and devoured the essence of everyone in a village. Feeling an immense sense of guilt, Ahri banished herself for some time, before returning to experience the world on her own and seek other beings like her. She may devour bits of the essence, but she chose not to use them to kill others in that manner.


In-game, Ahri is a burst-type champion, burning down her opponents with powerful spells. Her passive, Vastayan Grace, increases her movement speed if she hits an enemy twice. She can deal with magic damage using Orb of Deception, and blast fox-fires at enemies with Fox-Fire. Ahri can also Charm enemies by blowing a kiss to them, as they temporarily lose control of their own movement. Ahri's ultimate, Spirit Rush, lets her dash forward three times whilst firing essence bolts at her opponents.



  • She is very well sensitive to magic or any other type of wield mage weapons.
  • She is sometimes reminded of the Nine-Tailed fox from Naruto.


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