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Ai-Chan is a heroic baby fairy mascot that appears in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She hatches from an egg.


Ai has powers similar to Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure. Ai can summon Loveads as they could be a help for the Cures, or could be a help for her. She can also make a barrier to protect herself, as seen in Episode 11. She is also the partner of Madoka.


  • Ai-chan is the very first human-like fairy mascot.
    • Even though she is based on a human, she seems to have a non-human nose and wings.
  • She is also the very first mascot to have wings (not counting Syrup's sky form).
  • She is the second fairy to be born during the series, after Potpourri.
  • Ai is one of the few mascots who are capable of flight. The rest being Flappy (in his ball form), Choppy (in her ball form), Moop, Foop, the Pinkies (if counted as actual mascots), Syrup, Chiffon, the Pickruns, Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, Cologne, the Fairy Tones, Sharuru, Raquel, Lance and Dabyi.
  • She is also the third baby fairy mascot in history, after Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure! and Potpourri from Heartcatch Pretty Cure.
  • Ai-chan and the way she is taken care of is really similar to Chiffon, because both are baby fairies, both need to be fed by bottle, which comes from the Cures' transformation device, both have no partner Cure and don't speak in full sentences.
  • She seems to represent all four Cures. Her hair, which is shaped like hearts, and the heart on her chest might represent Mana, her yellow flower-like hair clips and yellow clothes might represent Alice, while her purple shoes and blue patterns around her chest might represent Makoto and Rikka.
  • Coincidentally, she has the first two letters of Mana's last name (Aida).
  • She has a similar appearance to Princess Marie Ange with her pink hair and blue eyes, making some fans question her relation to the princess.
  • Despite being only a newborn, Ai-chan is somewhat larger in size than Sharuru, Raquel, Lance, and Dabyi.
  • Like character Chibiusa from Sailor Moon, Ai made ​​a kind of magic in the head of the protagonist's mother to think that she is his relative.



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