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AiAi is a monkey in the Super Monkey Ball series and is the main character and hero. He is the husband of MeeMee and father of Baby. His old rival in the classic Super Monkey Ball is GonGon Who is now his friend. He is playable in every Super Monkey Ball game. He is a carefree monkey who only thinks about bananas. He is willing to go on adventures for them. He is highly intelligent and has a knack for completing stages, despite the fact that Baby is the brains of the team. AiAi is the leader of the team.



AiAi is the leader of the pack. He leads his friends into great adventures, usually for the sake of bananas. In Super Monkey Ball 2, AiAi and his friends try to stop Dr. Bad Boon from stealing all of the bananas from the residents of Jungle Island. In Banana Blitz, he tries to get the eight golden bananas back from the Space Alien Pirate King.

Other Games

AiAi has appeared in video games alongside Sonic and other Sega characters. In Sega Superstars, a compilation of various Sega games to be played with the Eye Toy for PlayStation 2, he is playable. In Sonic Riders, he is an unlockable character. In Sega Superstars Tennis, he is a unlockable character from the start. He is also unlocked from the start in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



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