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Now I'm really mad!
~ Ai's catchphrase.

Ai Ohto is a main protagonist of the anime Wonder Egg Priority. She is fourteen-year-old girl that fights to revive her best friend who had committed suicide at the end of the last semester on school grounds. The reason she is fighting has united her with the friends she now has.

She was voiced by Kanata Aikawa in the Japanese version, and by Mikaela Krantz in the English version.


Ai typically wears a yellow sweatshirt with a sunflower on it with running shorts. She also wears blue and white sneakers with socks that end halfway up her calf and have a similar color scheme that her shoes do with the addition of a noticeable yellow stripe. She has heterochromia, which means her eyes are colored differently and because of this she was bullied, because of this her right eye is a gold color and her left is blue, which she typically keeps covered with her left bangs and is very self-conscious about. Her hair is a dark blue stylized with a single yellow hair clip on the right side.


Ai is a withdrawn girl due to the bullying that she has received at school. She is caring of those that she considers close to her. She is soft spoken and is often seen at first timidly talking with Neiru. Despite her nature she made quick friends with Rika and Momoe after meeting them. She is a self-described shut in after the death of her friend. Ai has shown to be quite brave and stoic when fighting Wonder Killers, Seeno Evils, and Haters to protect her charges.


Ai’s primary method of defeating Seeno Evils and Haters, though when fighting Wonder Killers she typically has been able to defeat them with the girls from eggs personal possessions, with a multicolor ballpoint pen. Examples of some the girl’s possessions that she has used include a gymnastics ribbon, prayer beads and a pair of penlights. She also carries an egg with her after getting one from an abandoned amusement park.